Aniruddh Dave: People are sending me hate messages!

Actor Aniruddh Dave tweeted a picture yesterday, 26th February 2019, saluting the Indian Air Force for their attack in Balakot. However, the actor has received a lot of flak from many people in Pakistani for the same. “I think when I posted a picture appreciating our armed forces for the surgical strike, many people didn’t like it and got offended. They started posting messages to me, comparing the massacre that took place in Pulwama on February 14th and the attack yesterday. The messages I got were so nasty. We are not fighting against a nation, we are fighting against terrorism. I was sad to see how they were comparing the number of lives that were taken in Pulwama to the number of trees that were destroyed by the IAF attack yesterday. People are sending me pictures of CRPF Jawans wrapped in the Indian flag and trees destroyed in the IAF attack yesterday, saying that our attack was fake,” he says. 

The actor fully supports the IAF attack. “I feel it’s a win-win situation. Whatever happened on 14th February, our armed forces have given a great response to that. I salute them for that. The whole nation was asking for a response to the Pulwama attack and this was a slap on their face. If our country has started to initiate a fight against terrorism, I appreciated that and posted about it,” he says.


Aniruddh Dave

Meanwhile, the actor plays the role of a Police officer in the show Patiala Babes and says that the role has actually made him feel more patriotic. “When you portray such a kind of a character, something changes in you. I feel whenever you wear that uniform, somewhere you get connected to things,” he says.