Annapurna Films to make film on the Harvey Weinstein's sex scandal

The controversy that rocked the Hollywood last year when it was revealed the Harvey Weinstein's sex scandal and the world saw an outpour of women reaching out and claiming that they had been either forced or harassed sexually by Harvey Weinstein.

The news was broken by 'New York Times' for which it even was awarded the Pulitzer Prize and now Annapurna Pictures and Plan B are teaming up to bring the story of the disgraced media mogul onto the big screen.

The upcoming film will focus on the investigation that led to the revelations of the allegations to the downfall of Harvey Weinstein and will be more on the line of films such as SPOTLIGHT or ALL THE PRESIDENT"S MEN.

The film will focus on the 30 year history of the accusations against Harvey Weinstein and how Hollywood had ignored these stories till now.

Weinstein who is under criminal investigation was fired by the board of Directors from the Weinstein Company and the company plans on selling off their assets to settle their bankruptcy.

More details are to be followed in the coming months with Annapurna’s SORRY TO BOTHER YOU set to release in July of 2018.

Harvey Weinstein (Picture Courtesy:
Harvey Weinstein (Picture Courtesy: