Annu Kapoor: My passion for Indian cinema cannot be expressed in words

A finest actor, TV host, best anchor, a theatre artist and a radio jockey, the multi-faceted Annu Kapoor has dabbled in multiple mediums and everytime carved a distinct mark & niche for himself. Interestingly whichever medium our versatile star has chosen, he has been immensely successful in it. As his radio show 'Suhaana Safar’, that airs on Big FM, has completed five glarious years, in an exclusive interview Annu Kapoor speaks about his show, the reason behind its popularity, his passion for cinema, and much more. Here are the excerpts:

Firstly how does it feel to complete 5 long years, a record of sorts, when it comes to a medium like radio?
5 years is a long time and it is truly overwhelming to see the show garner such a massive response. It is certainly a challenge to maintain the attention of listeners especially on radio, which is only an audio medium. I believe what helps us stand out is the unique content and interesting stories that we share, which will not be available anywhere else. And of course, it is the acknowledgement of our work and the constant love from our listeners that has resulted in this show attaining such a remarkable feat.

How has been your association with BIG FM?
As is evident through my show, my alliance with BIG FM has indeed been great. I think the network has an excellent understanding of identifying concepts which are driven by innovative content and I am glad to have associated with them for one of the longest running shows on radio.

While for the listeners it has indeed and literally been a 'Suhaana safar', considering the interesting tales and fun facts they get to hear, what about you sir aap ke liye yeh safar kitna suhana tha?
It has been my sheer passion to share the knowledge I possess of this industry with others. I have thoroughly enjoyed hosting the show as much as my audience has enjoyed listening to it. Digging into different stories to unearth unknown details, to preparing scripts to handpicking the best of content and then sharing it with my listeners, has been a source of absolute joy for me. I wish our ‘Suhaana Safar’ continues for many more years to come.

Besides audiences love, you have also been conferred with various awards and accolades like Dadasaheb Phalke Excellence Awards, best RJ at the prestigious Golden Mike Awards, New York Festival Awards and the India Radio Forum Awards, did you expect such overwhelming response?
An honour/recognition for the work done right is always gratifying. I just do what I love to do with innate passion and it has definitely worked in my favour. However, this would not have been possible without the love showered by my listeners, as they in true sense have given me the recognition and acknowledgement I have received today, as a radio personality.

Were you ever apprehensive initially taking up ‘Suhaana Safar’, considering the fact that today's youth and audience is hardly connected or they are hardly aware about yesteryear stars?
There is nothing called "yesteryear star". A star is always a star. Moreover, if the story is interesting and stimulating, then I don't see any reason for listeners to tune off. The hero of our show are the stories.

What do you feel, what made the audiences feel the connectivity about ‘Suhaana Safar’?
When we started with Suhaana Safar, we had one thing in mind - to provide our listeners with the most entertaining and interesting stories about the Bollywood industry. People want to know as much as they can about the stars and we wanted to create a platform where we could provide it to them. When the show launched, it instantly connected with the listeners and that has been one of the major contributing factors in the show’s successful run till date.

There is a certain inclination of your fate or karmic connection with music field, something that we observed from ‘Antakshri’ days. There is a certain love or passion for Indian cinema which we have observed the way you present your shows and the way you get involved with it. It seems you breathe Indian Cinema. Comment
I have been deeply inclined towards the various art forms and the heritage of melodious music from 1955-85. Music has been a significant part of my life and my career. Throughout my career of over 3 decades, I have gained a lot of experience by working and interacting with great directors and producers. The passion has grown multi-fold in this span of time, which cannot be expressed in words.

We have seen many hosts or actors or anchors or directors presenting a show, but when Annu Kapoor steps in, it appears as he gives his soul towards it (Indian Cinema). How does it happen? Why people want to believe it that when Annu sir is expressing, it has to be really authentic and something interesting.
First of all, thank you so much for such kind words. It really means a lot. My listeners probably feel my passion towards the cinema and keep returning to tune into more interesting tales from the industry. I truly believe in what I do and take it up with utmost perseverance and enjoy it to the fullest. I have received tremendous love from the people all these years and I hope to continue to live up to it.

You have been part of multiple platforms Films, TV, radio, Theatre. What do you really enjoy the most? And what's your next step I mean which other zone or medium you would like to explore now.
Every platform has its own uniqueness so it will be difficult to pick any one. Diversity of work excites me and I enjoy every role I have taken up be it as an actor, anchor or as an RJ.

While looking into your love for nostalgic facts from the film industry or your inclination for music, any plans to connect with youth?
While we have been entertaining the older generation with our show, we have also been receiving an overwhelming response from the younger generation too. Our Hindi Cinema is so vast that every individual has an appetite for it. And building on its legacy we are looking forward to add in more stories to keep entertaining the young people joining in.

Your upcoming projects
I am always looking to do some meaningful work. There is a lot of work that has been offered to me but there is hardly any quality in it. The day I find an interesting project, I will be happy to share it with you.