Annup Sonii gives us travel goals as he turns motivational speaker


Not many know that apart from being passionate about cinema, Annup Sonii also enjoys public speaking, and has given motivational speeches on various occasions.

After delivering inspiring speeches at various colleges and universities in Mumbai, Delhi and Jaipur for the last couple of months, Annup is now ready for an encore, this time in Lucknow and Jaipur.

A source informs, "Annup has been invited by two universities in Lucknow and Jaipur to speak at their annual convocations to inspire and encourage the students. The actor will speak about his acting career and the ups and downs he faced, and also talk about other major issues including women's safety and increasing crime rate in various cities of the country. The organisers want the actor to talk about his journey in the entertainment industry, and the hardships he has been through to get where he is today. To motivate the attendees, they have requested him to share a few hard-hitting stories, which he narrated to the television viewers while he hosted the popular crime reality show, Crime Patrol."

It's a customary practice for Annup to deliver a lecture at International Children's Film Festival, in association with UNIC (United Nations Information Centre), every year in Lucknow to motivate young film-makers as well as kids.

Annup says, "I enjoy sharing my experiences with people and in some way, if it helps them or motivates them to do well in life, then I am always up for such initiatives. Whatever knowledge I have about the industry or life, I share with them. I, too, get to learn a lot from these talks as you meet different kinds of people."

Annup has already delivered inspiring speeches at several places in the country including G H Raisoni Law College Nagpur, Lions Club in Jaam Nagar, Mumbai, Delhi and Jaipur, Kautilya Academy for IAS & IPS entrance Indore, Rajasthan University, Hyderabad University, Kendriya Vidyalaya (Central Schools) and Jaipur Rotary Club in different cities.