Anupam Kher unveils his BEDHADAK side and urges parents to follow it!

BEDHADAK is one film which focuses on sports and need for extra circular and sports activities. The trailer of the film has reached masses and people are immensely loving the trailer of BEDHADAK.

The main crux of the film is that the protagonist Girish’s fathers isn’t quite happy about his son being goof at boxing and wants him to be academically inclined.

However, Girish in the film puts his heart and soul in sports and tries to prove it to his father.

With the growing concern of parents over kids loving and showing keen interest in sports parents always feel that education is essential as compared to sports.

The acceptance of sports has widen over the period of time, this is what the film BEDHADAK is showing the masses.

At an event held by Vinod Tawade, he talked about excellence in academic and sports wherein he also spoke about students who can take up sports as an education. At the seminar he spoke about the interest of the child in which he/she can choose his/her career path.

To support this cause none other than ace actor Anupam Kher shared how he struggled to get merely good marks and he merely got 38%. Anupam also shared on social media that his father always celebrated his low grades and this helped in overcome his fears.

The film BEDHADAK stars Girish Taware, Ganesh Yadav, Ashok Samarth & Sneha Raikar.

The film is produced by Mandar Govind Taware and directed by Santosh Manjrekar.

BEDHADAK will hit the screens on June 1, 2018.

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