ANURANAN – First Bengali movie shot in UK

ANURANAN has been shot in some heavenly breath taking locales of India and the UK. Outdoor shoots have always been common with Bollywood Films. However it is for the first time that a Bengali movie has been shot in UK. In spite of umpteen Hindi movies shot across miles, it is remarkable to see how ANURANANs brilliant photography stands apart. Cinematographer Sunil Patel - the man behind SALAAM NAMASTE and HUM TUM - has canned some amazing shots of the Kanchenjunga at sunrise, sundown and during moonlight nights. The amazing scenery of the hill station in the mountains makes Kanchenjunga 'the third character' in the movie. Must say 'cinematographers have an awesome ability to give life to nature on screen!

The cast and crew of ANURANAN seems to be totally inspired by their outdoor shoot location in London. 'The road, the scenic beauty, the sky, the clouds, the mist' all of these and more at London have ignited their creative spark' be it Aniruddha, the Director or Rituparna Sengupta. During a drive to the countryside on the roads of London, the Director just halted and called for lights, camera, action! Rituparna too acted impromptu for the song sequence and became a singer on the spot, singing the lyrics of "Aakashe Chaurano Megher Kacha Kachi''!

Phew 'looks like this impulsive, unplanned shoot gathered momentum for the ANURANAN team putting their imaginative, original, fresh ideas to work' what say hmm!!!

ANURANAN, the first Bengali film of Rajat Kapoor and first Bengali release of Rahul Bose seems to have the vibrant and distinct socio-political touch of the city. Whether or not both the actors enjoyed their Bengali film experience, they definitely took immense pleasure during the shoots, having Kolkata's well-known range of rice dishes and various preparations of freshwater fish, rich in many specialized spices and flavours. From rice to macher jhol (fish curry); from rasgullas to mishti dois (sweet yoghurt) Rahul and Rajat seemed to take over all of them. While Bose spent his childhood in Kolkata and later moved to Mumbai with family, actor-film-maker Rajat at his serious best was learning Bengali in Kolkata at a workshop. Whatever be the case, Bengal's vast repertoire of fish-based dishes like 'hilsa' preparations, 'beguni' ' fried battered eggplant slices, 'kati roll' ' flatbread roll with vegetable or chicken stuffing, 'phuchka' ' deep fried crepe with tamarind & lenthil sauce and Chinese food from China Town, all of these and more totally tickled the taste buds of Rahul and Rajat. May be we shall see both of these seasoned actors more often in Bengali films now, owing to their penchant for Bengali cuisine!

ANURANAN will see the talented Bose with Rituparna Sengupta and Raima Sen. The movie that delves deep into the shades of bonds forged in & out of wedlock, is well presented and delivered by these seasoned actors. A closer look to Raima's appearance in the film, gives the impression of her being similar to Suchitra Sen, her grandma! Since the movie speaks about the untold resonance embedded in a relationship and also explores one's association with nature, Raima's mature role might make the audience see Suchitra Sen through her character. Well, all we can say is Suchitra Sen returns and relives on screen through her grand daughter, Raima Sen! Another feather on your cap' Raima!