Anushka Manchanda new single (NUKA) unleashes her beautiful journey from life!

Nuka is the alias of musician Anushka Manchanda, through which she will release content as a music producer and visual artist,

Anushka has years of experience as a performer and a singer, but it is her technical skills as a music producer, an edtior, and a creative producer that will drive the content that Nuka puts out.

Nuka is the name she gave herself as a child, and a name that, one night, through a series of bizarre and beautiful events in the city of Los Angeles in 2016, connected her to her path as an artist.

Her first release under this alias is the single Don't Be Afraid. In order to realize her vision, Anushka worked with her long-time collaborator Navzar Eranee, who co-conceptualized and directed this video under his banner, Walkabout Films.

This video takes you through the journey of death, and the fear attached to the unknown. It is a visually stunning depiction of the way energy travels in our universe, never dying, always evolving.

This is the first of three singles and videos that will be released this year.