Anushka, Shilpa, Parineeti show us what not to wear!

B-town beauties are always on point, when it comes to being fashionable, however this week we saw some really worst dressed celebs and show us what not to wear. They surely are fashion bloopers this week!

Parineeti Chopra:
mix and match or matching is something we all love doing but Parineeti what happened to you? look at her brown slit leather skirt and brow striped shirt with some silver stilettos, the skirt is good but she could have worn it with a better top, the make up that she applied too is a lil brownish, we fail to understand why so much in love with brown! Pari chocolates look good when they are brown you aren’t just saying!

Shilpa Shetty:
Shilpa who has her fashion game on point mostly was surely ready for summer no doubt but her outfit noodle strap spaghetti white black box, lace skirt just didn’t go well, it looked more like a lingerie than an outfit that one would step out! well Shilpa, we hope you watch what you wear!

Sussanne Khan:
Sussanne Khan has been gifted with a hour glass figure, yet her attire at a recent event was too shady, it looked like a night gown rather than evening gown, Suzane has always worn some really good outfits, however this one was too goody for our eyes!

Anushka Sharma:
Anuksha Sharma was spotted this week wearing a really gorgeous dress while at one event we saw her wearing blue full sleeves one piece and full length white socks, and it looked OMG ! I don’t know, what kind of fashion was this or was she trying to make an statement? even if she was it was a huge disaster! Anushka did you see the mirror before stepping out??