Arjan Bajwa & Hema Malini's chat-mosphere

Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 13 Oct 2011 12:36:54.8800000 IST

Madhur Bhandarkar's FASHION may have worked wonders for the glamorous Priyanka Chopra, but the film also gave Bollywood a handsome hunk. We are talking about Arjan Bajwa whose performance did not go unnoticed and he became the talk of the town post Fashion. After the super hit, Arjan ventured down South and became a popular name there as well.

The talented actor, after doing films like HIDE N SEEK and CROOK after FASHION, is now waiting for his next release TELL ME O KKHUDA directed by none other than dream girl Hema Malini.


So how was it working with the dream girl? 'Working with Hema ji was truly a priceless experience. She was a bundle of energy throughout the schedule. She was so friendly that we have discussed anything and everything under the sun. It was an amazing feeling to work with her.'

So how does it feel to be a successful actor? 'Frankly speaking, sometimes it is quite boring! People keep on asking you only about your films and scenes and the memorable experiences on the film! But with Hema ji it was different. We discussed everything except this! We created a nice 'chatosmphere'!' says the Delhi lad.

Chat-mosphere? That is quite a unique word! Anyone from the Oxford dictionary team listening?