Arjan Bajwa's encounter with tiger cubs

Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 18 Oct 2011 18:23:45.4900000 IST

Arjan Bajwa who will be seen in Hema Malini's TELL ME O KKHUDA is a big time tiger lover. To his surprise in one of the song sequences he got to shoot with two cubs. They shot the sequence in Bangkok's Crocodile Park.


He says, "Tiger is my favourite animal and the cubs we shot with were the cutest and most co-operative ones. I always used to love going to Zoo in my childhood. Shooting with cubs are the moments I will cherish forever. Neither Esha Deol nor I was scared. It was a picture perfect moment and we had great fun holding them in our arms. As an actor one gets to see variety of places and the exposure is definitely good in terms of places and people."

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Well Arjan hope TELL ME O KKHUDA takes your career in the right direction after all god's delays are not denials and we must say everyone doesn't get to play with cubs as if they are puppies and hope you support tiger conservation movement too!