Arjun Kanungo: I sent an email to Badhshah wanting to work with him!

Singer-composer-songwriter-actor Arjun Kanungo is known for his party numbers and rap skills. He has the knack for turning party songs into party anthems. His songs have been striking the right chords since 2013, apart from that he also made his acting debut in SIDEHERO alongside Gauhar Khan and Kunal Kapur . His latest single Aaya Na Tu is ruling the charts.

In conversation with Arjun as he spills beans about his debut film, his latest song and what makes him get into acting and shares his fan moment.

Excerpts from the interview:

Did you always wanted to be a musician?

It’s been 6 years that I have been in the music industry doing my thing. I started it when I was 18 years old and there was a period in my life when I didn’t know what I wanted to do and music just happened, and till I was 18, I didn’t have any musical scene. Nobody in my family had a music background. I decided to opt music as my career because I felt that I get strongly connected with literal music and I spent almost 7-8 years learning music and it’s been quite a journey since then. I enjoy singing and composing both. I always thought I had a very good attitude towards making things and creating things. I think music was the right fit for me because of that. I am also an actor.

How do you feel seeing your latest song ‘Aaya Na Tu‘ becoming a sensation in just a few days?

The feeling is unbelievable. I believed in everybody involved but, I think, we are all a little bit surprised as to how fast it just reached everywhere. It’s on every radio station, every TV channel and on YouTube also, it almost hit about 23 million views. It is so amazing to see a song grow so quickly. It’s quite unbelievable; I am super excited about it.

You have collaborated with everyone from Badshah to Mithoon tell us about that?

I like collaborating because I think I am easy to work with and these guys are very interesting characters. Badshah, of course, is Badshah, and Mithoon in his own way is a very interesting person. So, I like to learn from everybody, I collaborated with Badshah, Mithoon and I think Neha Kakkar has also been like one of the favourite collaborations. So, it’s always been a learning experience for me. I think these are very experienced musicians, I have been doing this for about 10 years but my first single only came out 2.5 years ago. And since last 2.5 years, I have released so many songs and all of them have been quite successful partly because the songs have been great but partly also because I have been able to work with great people like Neha, Badshah and of course Momina now. I think it’s always been a mixed bag when I released my solo singles they were successful because of the song but it’s always been a team effort when I collaborate. I sent an email to Badshah and I wrote: “hey listen, I really wanna to do a song with you and this is the song” and two days went by and there was no reply and I thought maybe he is not going to reply. I should probably start looking for someone else and then the next day his rap was just on the track and he sent it back. There was no reply on the mail, he just heard the song, he loved it, he got his rap done and he sent it to me. I didn’t have to convince him at all, I didn’t even meet him. The rap itself and the final track now is exactly the same way it was when he sent it. I met him for the first time at the shoot and he said, “I really liked the song, so I didn’t feel the need to meet. I just went to the studio and recorded my vocals and I sent it to you.”

You are also seen in web show SIDEHERO, how did acting happen to you?
I like acting and I have done few parents earlier too and this time in SIDEHERO, it’s great to work with Kunal Kapoor and Gauhar Khan.

Any fan incident you want to share?

I had a show in Ahmedabad and I got a message on Instagram from a 17-year-old fan saying that I really wanna meet you, I am coming from very far away to meet you at the show. Can I get a selfie with you when I get there?” and I said, “yaa, why not, I don’t mind.” And when I met her at the show, she had driven all the way from Jaipur to Ahmedabad and she hadn’t told her parents that she was coming. I was very touched by the fact that someone would travel all the way for me, it was very flattering but a little bit scary because she was only 17 years old and the first thing I asked her was “license kidhar se aagaya?” She drove all the way from Jaipur to come and see the concert in Ahmedabad.

Is there any singer that you want to collaborate with?

There are many actually, now I have some stuff that is coming up, some cool collaboration in the near future. I will keep you updated on them.