Arjun Kapoor: Janhvi is a very funny girl!

Arjun Kapoor has been loved my masses for his generosity and the way he has been there for his family during the time of crisis, his journey when he entered as a debutant all lost and why Arjun comes across as a silent person who doesn’t interact much.

Arjun has all the answers to our questions and he also candidly talks about his relationship with his sister Janhvi and Khushi.

Arjun is often coined as a person who doesn’t talk much and is introvert and comes across as a dead pan faced actor, at time he is moody and doesn’t talk in-depth and many people take him as a snob, well during interviews for his upcoming flick NAMASTE ENGLAND when asked him what makes him shy away from media to which he said, “ I remember when I had just entered the film industry I has lost my mom just months before the release of my debut film ISHQZAADE, it was the saddest moment in my life as well as happy, I was missing my mom terribly, I was shattered, broke, and till date I am collecting the broken pieces. I was lost, so I would greet people by looking down and not in their eyes, it took me time to show up things. And now when I saw Janhvi and Khushi this way I missed my mom, before anything I asked my masi and sister if I should help them and I am glad my sister has accepted them (Janhvi and Khushi) as sister and they are each other’s pillars and support.”

He further said, “ Certainly mornings aren’t the same, I miss my mom, I am still trying gather my broken pieces. I remember I began to work a lot I signed film one after another just to divert my mind I just didn’t want to be free at any point, and now I am changing trying to be open, I share now, I greet people in a different way, back then I was lost. Therefore you guys (media people) didn’t find me laughing or smiling much now I have started to open up and share.”

Talking about Arjun and Janhvi gracing the Koffee couch with Koffee with Karanwhen asked Arjun what does he have to say to which he said, “ I am getting to know Janhvi and I am glad that KJo made this combination as he got to know me and Janhvi in Koffee with Karan and now we know each other in a better way. He added that he has not been able to spend much time with Janhvi as he was busy with his work commitments. And he felt it was a nice way of getting to know her.”
He further adds, “Janhvi is a very sorted, sensible and funny girl and that she also has some hidden talents. He went on and stated that Karan allows all of his guests to be comfortable on the sets of his show, so one can let go their inhibitions. It would have taken him a couple of dinners or maybe a holiday or two to get to know Janhvi, which did on the sets of the show in two hours.

Arjun opened up about his changed equation with Janhvi and Khushi. He said that when he got to know about Sridevi's demise, he was in Punjab and as he has been through such situation, he added he wouldn’t wish it for my worst enemy.


And, he did what he felt was right, what his mom would have expected him to do, to be there for his family and his father. He thought that he is getting two more sisters then why not to go for it? And he felt a bit relaxed after helping his father.


He said that people thought everything is fine when it came to his relationship with Janhvi, Khushi, Anshula and dad. He added that it was all at an initial stage and he was figuring out things. But they comfortable with each other and that was a good starting point, however, he never wanted to overdo it and let it take its own course.


Talking about Janhvi and Khushi he said that they are totally sorted. And now, he is able to speak one-on-one with them. He knows they will figure out things in their own way but he and Anshula will always be there for them.


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