Armaan Malik & Jonita Gandhi render 'Bol Do Na Zara' & 'Main Agar Kahu' in T-series Mixtape Episode 8

Armaan Malik & Jonita Gandhi render 'Bol Do Na Zara' & 'Main Agar Kahu' in T-series Mixtape Episode 8 news
Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 10 Jul 2017 18:32:51.4770000 IST

After effectively carrying out seven melodious episodes, T-series Mixtape is back with its next episode to take music to higher notes. This episode of T-series Mixtape features an alluring love ballad rendition by Armaan Malik & Jonita Gandhi. The duo has blended all-time favourite song 'Bol Do Na Zara' & 'Main Agar Kahu' from OM SHANTI OM movie so beautifully, making it a unique treat for the ears.

On a special note, Raghav Sachar, one of the dynamic multi-instrumentalist of the country, lends his sensational saxophone for this rendition. Shot amidst passionate musicians, Raghav's steamy saxophone fused with Armaan and Jonita on vocals gives this mix a vibrant expression. The two songs fill you with glee as both singers color their performance with playful tones, which takes you on an love ride. Directed by Ahmed Khan, music has been composed by Abhijit Vaghani

After the success of his first rendition in T-series Mixtape episode 3, Armaan Malik is yet again ready to woo the audience in his latest mash-up with Indo-Canadian singer Jonita Gandhi.Jonita's mellow voice gives Mixtape's version a very jazzy and lounge expression. Given her background in music, the magical touch that she adds with her western influence to this rendition is mind-blowing.

'Bol Do Na Zara' originally sung by Armaan Malik, promises to make you fall in love with him all over again. Talking about his experience, Armaan comments, 'This episode is the closest to my heart. It features two songs that are my favourites. One is my own song 'Bol Do Na Zara' and the other is 'Main Agar Kahoon' which is sung by favourite singer Sonu Nigam. Abhijit Vaghani has gone for a Big Band Vibe for this arrangement which is usually the home-style of great western artistes like Frank Sinatra & Michael Bublé! I'm glad I'm collaborating with Jonita Gandhi on this one she's one of the most trained singers we have right now.

Loving the trend of mash-ups, Jonita adds, 'I have already done a lot of mash-ups on YouTube, I love mashups. But this one is really special since here the 2 songs blend so seamlessly and even lyrically, they make sense which is not always the case. It is a wonderful concept. If you want to hear a saxophone in its full glory, it is best heard in a romantic composition. What better than Armaan Malik and Jonita Gandhi's sensuous vocals!''

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