Armaan Malik: Salman <i>bhai's </i> song coming out was really important for me

Armaan Malik: Salman bhai's song coming out was really important for me news
Jahnavi Patel By Jahnavi Patel | 27 Aug 2015 18:48:08.0730000 IST
Salman Khan’s version of ‘Main Hoon Hero Tera’ has been loved by the masses but there is no denying that Armaan Malik’s rendition is equally good or maybe even better. We got in touch with the talented Malik boy and spoke to him about his song, equation with Salman, his crazy fan following & much more. Excerpts from the interview:


Salman has been your mentor and he has launched you in this industry. What was your reaction when you got to know that he is singing a different version of the HERO title track?
Salman bhai singing this song was important for the movie as well. There are two debutants in the movie and since we are also relatively new in the industry, it gives us a very big push. It was such an amazing thing that he did; people loved his voice and the way the video came out, the song catapulted it to an amazing place and today it is almost number one everywhere. I am really happy the way everything turned out. Also, the amount of love & appreciation people have given to Salman sir’s version, they’ve given as much love to my version as well. The way this whole promotion has begun has turned out to be really brilliant.

What did Salman Khan have to say about your song?
Amaal & I had already recorded this song long back, during JAI HO. Then Salman bhai had announced that he is producing HERO for Sooraj (Pancholi). Amaal took the title concept and composed Main Hoon Hero Tera at that point of time. I had sung the rough version & we presented it to Salman bhai . He heard it and really loved it. He told us to keep it aside and he would tell us what to do with it. Then JAI HO happened, lot of other movies happened and Amaal did other movies too. But we didn’t know that this song would finally become the title song. Four months before from now, Salman bhai  said ‘we need to be the front runner of our album and the title song of HERO. That’s when everything got serious about this song and we started reproducing it. I resang it because one year back my voice was really different and now my voice has matured even more. I gave it another go and did the final recording. This version was finalized and we kept it in the album. Closer to the release, Salman bhai became so addicted to the song itself that he decide to do his own version on it. Since he had already sung ‘Hangover’ and people had loved his approach of singing, so we thought why not? Salman bhai should sing it and it will be even more amazing. He came to the studio one day and we all jammed and recorded late in the night. It was lot of fun. We had shot the version while he was recording as well. As you can see in the video, that was exactly when he was recording. Salman bhai’s song coming out was really important for me as well because my version got highlighted even more. Salman Khan singing itself made the song even huge. After listening to his song, people heard my version as well.  Everyone started loving my song as well. I got so much love & support from all fans and his fans as well. I think it’s really amazing the way things have turned this time.

'Got so much love & support from Salman bhai’s fans as well'

How has your journey with Salman Khan been from JAI HO till now?
I think our relation- as he being my mentor and me being under his guidance has gone even a notch higher from JAI HO onwards. First I sang for him and this time he is singing the same song as me, this has been a very awesome journey from then on till now.

Were you ever apprehensive that Salman’s version will overshadow your song?
Salman bhai singing a song is any day more huge, in perspective, but a music listener would love to listen to as many versions as possible. Since these two are really different in its approach; Salman bhai  added his own attitude into this song- this little masti that he does when he removes his spectacles, that shows in his song.  This is a very different style of singing a song and this is his approach. When I am singing it, I am singing like how a normal singer would and how we need to sing it for Bollywood.  I sang it for the film and it’s very important that when a singer sings it, it complements the movies as a whole because it will be used in the background and it is going to show the love between the hero & heroine. So it has to have that emotion too. In Salman bhai’s  version, that element came into the song. And in mine, the main romance that is highlighted & required in the movie came out. Both of the versions have two different things to offer, but I’m glad people are loving both. I loved Salman bhai’s  as well. I don’t think there is any clash kind of a thing between the two versions. People are having both on loop, so I think it’s a double celebration for both of us.

How important an element is music for a film?
I feel music is a very important element in a movie because that is one thing that brings people to the theatres. That is one biggest USP of the film apart from the actor & actress. Considering HERO to be a debut film for both the actors, the music has to be even more bigger and better. In such a situation, the music will have to be bigger than the stars because the actors are still trying to make a place for themselves. For HERO, ‘Main Hoon Hero Tera’ is a brilliant start because all the eyeballs are on the movie as of now. The song has captivated everyone’s attention and it’s been touted as the love song of the year. For me, to have said that I have sung ‘Main Hoon Hero Tera’ is a very big thing. This song has done wonders for Sooraj & Athiya as well. Music is really important. At the end, for a movie to do well, the film has to be good, but music does play a big role.

'For me to have said that I have sung ‘Main Hoon Hero Tera’ is a very big thing'

You have a crazy fan following on microblogging sites and girls are totally in love with you how do you feel about it?
This is the best situation to be in. And any artist, for instance would love this much attention and if the artist is a boy, then female attention is the best thing ever. So I think it’s brilliant and I’m really happy that ever since I’ve started till now, my fan base has grown huge. Now it’s called Armaanians as well. I think a lot of love and support is there especially because I interact with them. They have the freedom to talk to the celebrity they look up to. I try to respond to the fans as much as possible. It isn’t possible to reply to every message but I think it is important to keep that relation with them so that they feel close to you. I think that’s the main reason we have such a loving community together now. Apart from my live shows & performances, this is the only medium through which they can contact me as well.

Does living up to the expectations of your fans pressurize you?
I always believe- you have to do what you want to do and if you do it with your heart, everyone will love it. This is what even shows in Salman bhai’s films. If you see BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN for example, he did it with his heart. There is so much love in the movie that I was in tears. If that is what the film was able to do to me, imagine what his fans must be feeling. So I think that connectivity happens when you do it from your heart. That connectivity is also there with my fans. The way bhai has his fan following, that’s a very amazing path to go on. For the guys he is the bhai and for the girls he is the hero. The guys love him just as much as the girls do. Salman bhai has this ability to get love from people and spread it out. I think this is his biggest asset. This is something that even I look forward to doing.