Arshad wants to play more football

View Sony 'Big Boss' Lunching Party - Picture Gallery Talented actor Arshad Warsi, currently in London playing a football player in Vivek Agnihotri's "Goal", is sulking because he doesn't get enough chances to actually play the game.

"They're not letting me play, yaar!" Arshad complained jokingly. "I'm hardly getting to play! John Abraham and all the rest are having the time of their life. While I'm just sitting around twiddling my thumbs," Arshad told IANS.


"I play an injured soccer player for most of the film. So I get to be on the field at the beginning. But that's it. After that I'm out. It's very frustrating especially since I know I'm a better player than most of my colleagues on the team.

"In fact, our football choreographer saw me play and wondered why I wasn't doing more of it. I guess the script demands that John Abraham's character be made heroic while I sulk around! So be it."

But the one person who cheers Arshad up is his co-star Zara James Naqvi.

"She's a Britain-based Australian actress and she's amazing. I've never had a better co-star. She's done seven years of theatre in England."

So while Arshad has to go through the agony of watching his colleagues whoop it up on the filed, he has Zara for company.