Alia Bhatt on demand by a veteran actress to play her biopic

Aruna Irani and Alia Bhatt

Veteran actress Aruna Irani feels Alia Bhatt will be the best person to live her life on the silver screen through her biopic.

"I have seen a lot of biopics and most of them only show the good and positive sides of the person. But I feel every aspect of the person must be shown, be it good or bad. Only then will you remain true to the person," Aruna said in a statement.

"I was approached by many filmmakers for my biopic. If I ever go ahead with it, I will definitely want all aspects of my life to be covered. I feel Alia Bhatt will fit in my shoes the best," she added. 

At the moment, the actress is seen in the role of a grandmother in show "Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji", aired on StarPlus.