Arunoday Singh: I have become a lot more calm now!

Arunoday Singh is a versatile actor and has done a lot of films in the past, not the usual commercial hero and heroine film but rather a character role which was substantial and which gave him recognition in the industry with his work. He started with the film SIKANDAR and then appeared in Sudhir Mishra's YEH SAALI ZINDAGI, Pooja Bhatt's JISM 2. He was recently seen in David Dhawan's MAIN TERA HERO and Ashutosh Gowariker's MOHENJO DARO and was last seen in Abhinay Deo film BLACKMAIL.

Arunoday Singh is set to step into Canadian actor Plummer's shoes in the latest production of the musical in Mumbai. Rodgers and Hammerstein's Broadway play 'The Sound Of Music' is among the more iconic musicals in the world.

Since its first production in 1959, the play has become part of stage history. The 1965 film adaptation, directed by Robert Wise and starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, won five Academy awards. Now, Blackmail (2018) actor Arunoday Singh is steps into Canadian actor Plummer's shoes in the latest production of the musical in Mumbai.

Arunoday Singh plays Captain Georg von Trapp in Raell Padamsee's production of the musical, Sound of Music, which is set to be staged at the Royal Opera House in Mumbai on 20 April. Arunoday Singh joined on stage by Meher Mistry, as he reprised the role of Maria von Trapp, played by Julie Andrews in the film.

While the actor has received some appreciation for his performance in his latest film, he will also showed his vocal skills on stage and so has been training to improve his singing under the guidance of his trainer, Marianne.

In exclusive conversation with Arunoday Singh speaks about his singing debut, acting and how has he changed from his first film to now.

When asked him about his singing debut, Arunoday Singh said, “I am not a singer, “I try my best and I am still trying hard, at present I am training with Marianne. She gets my voice where it needs to be. I think I manage the modulations quite well, although when I started I sounded like gravel being crushed."

Talking about films he said, “ I am glad the way the films are doing I have been choosy and I take steps very wisely I just dot take up movies just for the heck. I do know what are my capabilities and I am happy audiences have likes me.”

As Arunoday coms from a affluent family we asked him was it easy or was it a smooth ride to which he said, “ I never took help from anyone, I had my way I am glad I was offered several roles in the past which has led me to what I am. I have leant a lot from my past, earlier I was very aggressive and now I have become a lot more calm.”

When asked, if the road for youngsters has now become easy to which he said, "Yes, everyone trains hard, they are skilled and hard working, time changes.”

Lastly when asked him one thing that wouldn’t change ever in his life despite he being a star he said, "My love for my wife, she has been my pillar.”

Arunoday Singh