Ash goes to Hollywood

Mistress Of SpicesThe distributors of Gurinder Chaddha's MISTRESS OF SPICES, are counting on the film to fetch an excellent response in the Indian market when the film has its world release on April 21. The film will have a limited release of 70 odd prints all over the country with the main focus being on the multiplex audiences in the metros but according to its distributors, the Indian audiences will be able to connect to the film instantly, thanks to Aishwarya's presence and the Indianness of the film. "We had last released the Ash starrer, RAINCOAT, and we are aware of the fact that she has a great following both in the big and the smaller metros. Moreover the story has the backdrop of India where it begins and moves over to San Francisco. The producer, Gurinder Chaddha is an Indian herself," says Kamal Gyanchandani, Vice-President, PVR Pictures, the all-India distributors of the film.

According to Gyanchandani, the film also has shades of magic, besides a background song by Bally Sagoo. "It is a true crossover film which will strike a chord among the Indian audiences," he says.