Ashish Chowdhury misses Sumona Chakravarti

Ashish Chowdhury and Sumona Chakravarti

Actor Ashish Chowdhury is missing his "Dev" co-star Sumona Chakravarti as she is not a part of the show's second season.

The Colors show, set to premiere on June 25, will feature Ashish, Jigyasa Singh, Puja Banerjee and Amit Dolawat.

"In this season, the other cast remains the same which includes Puja Bannerjee as Mehak, Amit Dolavat as inspector Narvekar, Joyshree Arora as Zohra Apa. But Sumona is not a part this time. All of us shared a wonderful rapport together on set," Ashish said in a statement.

"We all miss her on the sets and I hope I can work with her again, soon. But Jigyasa Singh is the new addition to our family and she has bonded with all of us really well. She is a really nice girl and all of us have a great time together," he added.

Amit Dolavat says he loves to pull pranks on his co-actors just to lighten up their mood.

Once the team was preparing for the shoot and Amit went around telling people that they will shoot in a foreign location for a few episodes. Everyone got excited and a few crew members decided to get their passports and documents ready. Finally, Amit broke out laughing as he couldn't hold his amusement any longer and confessed that he was joking.

He feels it helps to have a fun environment.

"We all shoot for long hours and it gets tiring for us. I always play such pranks to lighten the mood for everyone. The trick is to play such pranks with a straight face and everyone falls for it. But jokes apart, everyone on set is a great sport and it's good to mix some play with all the hard work that we put in making 'Dev 2' enthralling for viewers," Amit said in a statement.