Ashrut Jain turns scriptwriter!

ashrut jain

Ashrut Jain, who was highly appreciated for his performance in his last release, MULK, is set to broaden his horizon as a creative artist.

With MULK doing well at box office, the young talented actor is set to sign his next as a scriptwriter to be produced by Shailendra Singh and will feature him as the lead.

Having previously worked as a lead with Shailendra in the movie, Sunshine Music Tours and Travels, Ashrut is set to take his association with the filmmaker to the next level.

Recently when Ashrut met Shailendra at an event, the producer-director praised him for his stupendous performance in MULK. During his interaction, Ashrut had also pitched him a story titled ‘A ROAD TRIP TO PAKISTAN’.

Shailendra confirms, “Ashrut has done an incredible job in Mulk. He was mind blowing and performance was top notch. When he came down to meet me, he narrated the idea of ‘A Road Trip to Pakistan’ and I found it really interesting. The script is registered in his name.We will hire some script doctors to polish it over the next four months before we roll with it.”

Ashrut informs, “The film travels from Delhi to Abbottabad (Pakistan) with its male protagonist who goes to the neighboring country for some work where he meets and falls in love with a local girl and ends up bringing her back home with him.”

“I love acting but writing enhances my creativity. This is one of the best scripts I’ve written. We are in the process of finalizing the director and the female lead,” he adds.