Ashvin Kumar’s THE FOREST in Sept ‘07.

Following the accolades and world wide appreciation for his Oscar nominated short film LITTLE TERRORIST, film maker Ashvin Kumar is all set to release his debut feature film, a superbly crafted international thriller called THE FOREST. An unusual treatment and gripping story makes the film one of the most intriguing and remarkably different films of the year. THE FOREST, starring Javed Jaaferi, Nandana Sen, Salim Ali Zaidi, Tarun Kumar and Ankur Vikal, is a thriller feature film set in the Indian jungles of Kumaon.

A couple from a big city is on vacation in the Indian jungle to sort out a troubled and childless marriage when they run into the wife's ex-lover. Husband and lover lock horns for the woman, primitive instincts play out against the wilderness. As dark secrets are revealed and dangerous games played they become blind to signs of a lurking menace. A leopard wounded by poachers is desperate for a kill. Unable to hunt his normal prey, he turns on the weakest animal in the jungle - man. In a night of terror, survival will depend on outwitting a wild animal who is hunting on his home turf and who has started thinking like man ? nothing in their lives will ever be the same again.

?What better way to take the message of conservation to the masses than to make a commercial film? An edge-of-the-seat thriller in which the dilemma of the animal is projected through the medium of entertaining cinema? That was the challenge of writing and directing THE FOREST?, says Ashvin. The film is shot in Thailand and in the jungles of Corbet National Park and Bandavgarh National Park.

The film is written, directed and produced by Ashvin Kumar, Presented by Dr. Vijay Mallya, with Costume Design by Ritu Kumar. Other credits include; Music by Matt Robertson, Sound Design by Roland Heap, Director of Photography by Markus Heursch, Production Design by Sylvain Nahmias, Wildlife Photography by Naresh and Rajesh Bedi.

Ashvin Kumar began working as an actor and director in theatre before he relocated to London where he established Alipur Films while briefly attending the London Film School. Ashvin wrote several screenplays turning the first of them into the featurette ROAD TO LADAKH. He is the only Indian to be nominated for an academy award in the live action short film category for LITTLE TERRORIST in 2005 and has been the recipient of fifteen international awards and honors in over a hundred film festivals including a nomination to the European Film Academy, which was also the first for an Indian. He is currently in post production with his debut feature THE FOREST and developing two other projects set in India.