At NGE the rapport between directors is competitive but… - Sajid Nadiadwala

Heyy Babyy! the hype is killing. The buzz for Sajid Nadiadwala's HEYY BABYY has already caught on world wide, with audiences having made a definite date with the film from 24th August 2007 onwards.

HEYY BABYY is currently the hottest film in the market and the visual promotions on air and the absolutely hilarious theatrical trailers (playing in 1000 screens) already have the audiences in splits at the antics of the 3 heroes.

And not leaving any stone still unturned producer Sajid Nadiadwala has created a mind boggling concept that has cost him a whopping Rs 2 Crores, to further promote HEYY BABYY.

Nadiadwala Grandson has always been a pioneer in marketing and promotions and once again the company has come up with a winner with HEYY BABYY.

Since HEYY BABYY was shot in Australia having shot extensively in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney, NGE came up with the unique idea of creating a promotional music video with the popular all-girl singing stars, THE GIRL BAND who are known as Spice Girls of Australia.

THE GIRL BAND comprises of 4 young female singers, Patrice Tipoki (22), Jessica Smith (19), Renee Bargh (20) and Renee Armstrong (20), who are the current heart throbs, amongst Australian fans. Their recent single 'Electric' released by Sony BMG is a huge hit.

And THE GIRL BAND will be heard for the first time in an Indian film on the HEYY BABYY audio track for which this exotic promotional video was filmed on 3 sprawling sets at Film City, another set put up at Mukesh Mills and a chopper at Mumbai airport.

A source present on the set reveals that, 'The song which also features the film's 3 heroes Akshay Kumar, Fardeen Khan & Ritesh Deshmukh doing a tantalizing strip act, no less. It is an absolutely exclusive song in English on the remixed version of the original title track, which is already on the music charts. All eyes are going to be on this video once it?s released. It's expected to create a riot.'

The music is by Shankar Ehsan Loy and the remix is by DJ Akbar Sami with English lyrics by Anvita Dutt Guptan.

The results which will be on air soon are simply striking and will add to the attraction for already hyped up HEYY BABYY. In fact after watching the 4 minute music video on the GIRL BAND, a totally floored hero Akshay Kumar seriously suggested that they should try and incorporate it in the film as its novel concept is sure to sweep the film's audienceEXPLAINS

The producer obliged to the extent of including the promotional music video in the end roll titles of the film.

Explains producer Sajid Nadiadwala, 'Yes Akshay was all excited on seeing the music video and was really keen we include it in our film, but since the water tight script could not accommodate it, we have included it in the end roll.'

When asked about the camaraderie between two creative heads, since he got another director signed by his company, Saabir Khan to direct the promotional music video for HEYY BABYY which is directed by Sajid Khan, producer Sajid Nadiadwala clarifies, 'At NGE (Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment), the rapport between all my directors is definitely competitive but not one of rivalry. Since the shooting of HEYY BABYY took place almost non-stop between November 2007 and March 2008, the director Sajid Khan was extremely occupied with the film's shooting, I requested my other film's director Saabir Khan to come up with a concept. And what he conceived was simply novel and is sure to add to the curiosity being created for the film. In fact the director Sajid Khan appreciated Saabir's efforts and both the film and the video were shot simultaneously at the same time on two different sets at Film City, by the 2 different directors.'

Throwing more light, director Sajid Khan says, 'Saabir is like a brother to me and in fact whilst I was in the midst of delivering my baby in a record and non stop 4 month delivery period, it was a welcome support when Sajid Nadiadwala who views the making and marketing of movies from a larger perspective, roped in someone else to create this great marketing exercise.'

Saabir Khan, who is all ready to roll his first directorial debut for NGE with Akshay Kumar summed up, 'I must use this clich?d line that films is all about teamwork. And being called in to direct this music video for HEYY BABYY was indeed a great honour and experience. To me it reflected the confidence Sajid Nadiadwala had in me to entrust me with a Rupees 2 crore promotional song. And I am glad that I have lived up to all expectations.'

Looks like, the studio culture is back with a bang in India. Before this, producer Aditya Chopra had got his director Kunal Kohli to assist in the making of the theatrical trailer of SALAAM NAMASTE which was directed by Siddharth Anand.

Sajid Nadiadwala goes a step further by getting his new director to direct a full fledged video no less for his magnum opus HEYY BABYY.