Athiya Shetty: I tell Sooraj to be mean sometimes but he is always so nice

Athiya Shetty: I tell Sooraj to be mean sometimes but he is always so nice news
Jahnavi Patel By Jahnavi Patel | 10 Sep 2015 16:43:36.4030000 IST
When you work with someone, you tend to become close to that person and a strong bond is created. Such has been the case with debutants Sooraj Pancholi & Athiya Shetty, who will be seen in Salman Khan’s HERO.


When we asked Athiya about her experience on working with Sooraj, she said, “Working with Sooraj was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to debut with. He’s extremely supportive, selfless as an actor. He is always thinking about other people before he thinks of himself. He is an extremely sensitive person and he has a huge heart. I always tell him, ‘Sooraj be mean sometimes’, he is always so nice.”

Sooraj may be everybody’s favourite on the set but that he has also done a lot of masti & played pranks on Athiya. “But he is such a nice person. He does a lot of masti on sets, troubled me a lot, played a lot of pranks on me, but he is such an amazing person that everybody loves him. Even on set, he is everybody’s favourite,” said Athiya.

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She further spoke about her bond with Sooraj. She said, “So ya, working with Sooraj has been great. We have a very close bond, he’s my best friend. I guess because you share such a close bond, it shows on screen and that’s why people say we have great chemistry.”

Ask Sooraj about his experience on working with Athiya and he says, “Working with Athiya was fun because we both are newcomers and we both are going through the same thing. We started this journey together; we learnt every single thing together; we both had zero knowledge on acting before starting but now we’ve learnt little bit. She’s an amazing person to work with and I’m so happy that I got to work with a new comer like Athiya.”

As they have also said, their good chemistry & close bond is pretty evident and we could clearly see that at the promotional events too! You people may have had a really good time shooting with each other for HERO, hope the audience too has that much fun watching your film.