Athiya Shetty on working with dad Suniel Shetty: It will be really weird & awkward

Athiya Shetty on working with dad Suniel Shetty: It will be really weird & awkward news
Jahnavi Patel By Jahnavi Patel | 09 Sep 2015 18:44:14.3800000 IST
For some daughters, getting a chance to work with her father can be enjoyable but for some, it can be really weird. For Suniel Shetty’s darling daughter, Athiya Shetty, who is making her debut in Bollywood with Salman Khan’s HERO, working with her dad, at least now, is going to be really awkward & weird.


When we asked her if she would like to work with her dad, if given a chance, she said, “I think it will be really weird and awkward. Right now no, but definitely like I get better then maybe.”

Further ask her if she has any pressure to live up to her dad’s reputation and she says, “Of course. I want to be the human being that my father is and I want to have the goodwill that he has in the industry because he is so loved by everybody in the industry. Everybody calls him anna which means big brother. I definitely don’t want to let him down and I want to be the person that he is. I don’t want to be seen as his daughter.”

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We then just told her about a conversation we once had with her dad in which he had said that there is nothing that he would want to teach her. Listening to this, Athiya was quick enough to respond saying, “He isn’t a preachy father. He treats & talks to me like a friend. He always gives me simple advice. He has always told me that with success there’s failure. Handle yourself with equal amount of dignity, respect and humility in both because that’s a part of life.”

Athiya further told us about what more her dad had to tell her. “He has always told me to be extremely hardworking and never make your producers and the people on the sets wait because you go at 8 but the light men and the people who are setting up come at 6. For me I really believe they’re the real heroes,” she said.
We’re glad that you’ve been taught the value of time! Anna, you’ve given the best & most important advice to Athiya. We wish you luck for HERO and hope it does well, Athiya!