AVENGERS defeat BAAGHI Tiger & PADMAAVAT Deepika along with Ranveer!

S Abid By S Abid | 28 Apr 2018 10:48:56 IST

It is one of those rare weeks where a Hollywood venture has beaten Bollywood offerings. However this time, their latest offering, has done the unthinkable. Yes, while it was expected that AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR (all versions) would embark on a fantastic opening, it has gone many a steps further and managed a 75 percent start, which is way past the previous best starts of 2018, by Tiger Shroff’s BAAGHI 2 and Ranveer Singh’s PADMAAVAT.

The first day is expected to be around the 30 crore mark, while the previous best of the year was BAAGHI 2 (25 crore). And this is just the beginning as there are a couple of holidays during the weekday, so sky is the limit for AVENGERS.

The other new release, Sudhir Mishra’s DAAS DEV, was always going to be for the discerning audience and that is how it has happened as the film has been appreciated in pockets of big cities. DAAS DEV will be lucky to cross the 1 crore mark on the opening day.

Meanwhile last week’s two releases, Faraz Haider’s NANU KI JAANU and renowned Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi’s BEYOND THE CLOUDS, could not achieve much netting 5 crore and 2 crore respectively (both totals to be validated), during the first week.