Aww! Know what R.Madhvan did for wife is indeed cute!

Aww! Know what R.Madhvan did for wife is indeed cute! news
Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 09 Nov 2016 18:41:52.4270000 IST

Besides being a versatile actor, R Madhavan is known to be a family man and he often surprises his family members on their special occasions. This time around, he decided to do so something special for his wife, Sarita.


Recently, Madhavan flew to Japan along with his wife and kid Vedant for the special screening of his movie, IRUDHI SUTTRU (Tamil version of SAALA KHADOOS) at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

During his stay in Japan, Madhavan planned a special surprise for wife Sarita by taking her for the Bullet Train ‘Shinkansen’ ride to Kyoto and also treated her to a traditional Japanese dinner at the Mifune restaurant. The doting husband’s gesture pleasantly surprised his wife.

Sharing his experience, Madhavan says, “This train is so fast. Every time a train goes to the opposite direction, you can feel both the trains kind of split apart and lean on opposite sides of the track. It’s very frightening but at the same time, extra-ordinary technology and I’m very impressed with the cleanliness and the discipline with which they have maintained and run it. It’s in a different league altogether.”