Ayushmann Khurrana: Being an established actor, I asked for screen test and there is no ego!

Ayushmaan Khurrana is indeed a versatile actor, singer as well as composer and is currently in a very happy space, as his film AANDHADHUN is doing extremely well at the box office. Fans and industry people are going gaga over it.

The choice of films of that he is been part off is something you will always be amazed. Be it VICKY DONOR, SHUBH MANGAL SAAVDHAN, AANDHADUN or BADHAAI HO.

Aayush has always been out of the league and experimented with his roles and it has worked wonders for him.
In conversation with Aayushmann when asked him about his choice of films and what made take up AANDHADHUN and how he is managing everything be it his wife's health, movies and promotion too.

Talking about AANDHADHUN Ayushmann says, “ I did not follow any actor who has played a blind character. Sriram gave me a diktat that I should not watch any film based on blind people. He told me that I should meet real blind people. It also comes from the director. His films are not caricaturish. He knew how the treatment would happen and he is sensitive towards blind people. He is a very, very sensible director. He is a veteran filmmaker and a very credible name in the industry. So of course that fear of turning it into a caricature was not there.”

As far as thriller genre is concerned this is the first time Ayush is part off and which has loads of twists and turns when asked Ayush wouldn’t it be a burden for him to which he adds, “In fact, this is the time to increase that audience. There is a core audience who enjoys seeing me in slice-of-life films. There is also an audience who wants to see me in a different way. This film completely caters to that. This was a deliberate effort to shift gears towards something I have never done before.”

Ayushmann Khurrana’s film is a game changer and the film is wowing the audience. When asked Ayush did it change him in any way?. “It was part of my bucket list to work with Shriram Raghavan, a thriller and to break the mould. And my interaction with the blind was quite enlightening - and each had a different story to tell. Some were blind from birth, some lost their sight recently, some were depressed and needed counselling, while some were happy and always kept smiling. I also noticed that while we consume music visually by watching video, they enjoyed it in the purest sense. I met this blind pianist Rahul and asked him about my music, he said, ‘Sunn ke batata soon”. That was the purist approach of a musician, which inspired me to change my approach. I think your other senses are heightened when one sense is not there.” Adds Ayushmaan.

When asked Ayushmann how did you bag such a different film to which he avers, “I approached him (Shriram) myself. I was not on his radar. I got to know about this role from Mukesh Chhabra who gave me one line of the film that a blind man witnesses a murder. So, when I met Shriram, he said I never thought about you. The next day we shot a couple of scenes and he scheduled dates it was that impromptu which was good fun. Being an established actor I asked for a screen test. It happens in the West all the time we don’t have to have egos for such things.

The film has Tabu and this is the first time Ayush and Tabu are sharing screen space, an elated Ayush shared his experience working with Tabu, “ She is amazing. I think she is one of the best actresses around. She is one actress who has changed herself with the times. In the 90s, the tonality of our films were very filmy—She did films like VIJAYPATH, VIRAASAT, GOLMAAL, CHEENI KUM and now ANDHADHUN. She is fabulous as a co-actor. She is somebody who will sit in one corner before canning or get totally serious in front of the camera. Just like me, she is switch-off and on artiste.”
Lastly when asked him about his wife Tahira’s health he said, “ She is fineand we are awating final reports, I am busy with film promotions and managing my personal life too.