Ayushmann Khurrana: Love Me India challenges all the odds of a reality show

What are your thoughts about the Love Me India format?
Love Me India is one of the most interesting formats of all times for a reality show. The idea of dividing the contestants into the four zones is what makes the competition more fierce and healthy. The overall format is quite spontaneous and challenges all odds of a reality show. Given that it’s a live reality show, there are no retakes which makes it equally nerve-racking not just for the contestants, but for the anchors, the captains, the judges and the production too.

How has the reality scenario in terms of competitiveness and talent evolved ever since you were a reality show contestant in 2002?
Reality shows will always pose the same challenges to a contestant, except these days they are more prepared in terms of expectations and delivery since they have witnessed and observed other reality shows. Back in the day when I participated in a reality show, I was amongst one of the earlier lot when the concept of reality shows was at a nascent stage. So, for me the experience was very raw, every step we took was like a trial and error method and the exposure was very limited. But now in this vast industry, there are opportunities everywhere.

Being a singer what are the few advices you would like to give to the upcoming generations?
Whichever generation we belong to, I believe the most important thing for a singer is practice. Keeping the passion alive and sharpening our vocals through constant and regular riyaaz is the key.

A message to India on why you think they would love ANDHADHUN?
The first consideration I would point out is that the movie is from the legendary Sriram Raghavan who has given this industry many hits. ANDHADHUN is one of the great thrillers of the new age full of entertainment and unexpected twists, and still not a dark film.

With several actors taking up the trend of directorial debuts, do you plan to step into that field too?
My directorial debut will happen one day, not soon though because I believe I still have a long way to go as an actor and a singer too.

You have always been choosy about your scripts and we love them, what would you like to say about that?
It’s not really about being choosy about a script as much as it is about my belief in taking up scripts that truly connect with me. Scripts that make me push and challenge myself and have scope for exploration excite me. I am proud that the scripts I have chosen till now have kept this ideology of mine alive. There is only one promise I can make to my fans and viewers that my films will be appealing and entertaining at the same time.

Who is your favorite singer and what’s your favorite song?
My favorite singer is Kishore Kumar and my favorite song would be, ‘Ruk Jana Nahi Tu Kahin Haar Ke’.