BAAHUBALI Prabhas created a blast this Diwali season!

BAAHUBALI Prabhas created a blast this Diwali season! news
Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 04 Nov 2016 15:44:01.1770000 IST

Like, literally!

Prabhas, who became a grand name with his debut movie BAAHUBALI, had a special Diwali this year.


The actor was taken a back when he saw a fire cracker box placed using the image from his movie BAAHUBALI.

The fire cracker was an atom bomb, which totally relates to BAAHUBALI Prabhas' character in the film, that resembles tremendous strength.

The cracker makers probably might have thought that it would be an ideal fit for developing a cracker named Baahubali Atom Bomb!

Prabhas, apart from being taken aback due to the fire cracker packaging, also got his funny bone tickled once it was disclosed to him by his team.

The actor was caught up in the mixed emotions due to the success of his movie and was very amused because of the extent it had gone to with the fire cracker.

Now that's the BOMB!!