Baarish from HALF GIRLFRIEND will dampen your spirits

Baarish from HALF GIRLFRIEND will dampen your spirits news

Songs are the highlight of Mohit Suri films, and one can say that the director certainly has an ear for music, as the soundtrack of his films ZEHER, KALYUG, EK VILLIAN and AASHIQUI 2 and others are testimony to this fact.

So a lot was expected from his upcoming film HALF GIRLFRIEND starring Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor.

Baarish the first song from HALF GIRLFRIEND is here and much to the disappointment of the music aficionados it fails terribly to live up to everyone’s expectations.

Neither the lyrics nor the composition of the song impressed us. The video of the song is another huge disappointment as it is shot very unconvincingly. First and foremost ‘Baarish’ is peppered with all kind of clichés, a guy who is head-over-heels in love with a girl who doesn’t care about his existence.

It starts raining and except for the Riya (Shraddha) not even a single person is fond of rain in the entire college. Madhav (Arjun) is smitten by Riya and harbours a dream of meeting Riya and make friendship with her. Riya wearing stilettos and high-end designer outfits doesn’t think twice before drenching in rains.

Arjun as a small town guy is not at all looking convincing in even a single scene. His way of emoting feelings are very limited and even his body language fails him in getting into the skin of his character.
The sound of Santoor played at the opening of the song is very pleasant but post that it gets wasted as the rest of the composition fails to get you hooked.

Let’s wait and watch if the other songs from the film’s soundtrack succeed in impressing the audience.

Till then watch this space for more.