Badal’s next quirky song will make you groove right away!

Badal broke into the music scene collaborating with two superstars Dr. Zeus and Grammy-nominated RajaKummari. The song VAMOS a Spanish-Punjabi track rapidly featured on audience’s playlists to become a favorite party hit. A groovy, trippy track TRIP sent audiences, especially girls, fell head over heels in love with his dreamy voice. The song even saw television sweetheart Aashika Bhatia grooving on social media and famous choreographer Melvin Louis the following suit.

With his cute, boy next door looks and an unassuming swag, the young music star is on an unstoppable run as he releases another track- PURO PURO. The track is the second Spanish – Punjabi track in the EP and is being released with a quirky, animated video. After tripping on a special someone, this is a peppy song of him confessing his undying love for a special girl in his life, hence the name title which means Pure in Spanish.

Badal “Love is a fun emotion and I enjoy making music about it. This EP is an ode to all my crushes and muses, who I have tripped on at some point or just felt pure love for- all the la fiesta girls. I am so excited by the electrifying response for my earlier two tracks VAMOS and TRIP and I really hope PURO PURO EP release is going to be a huge hit among my new fans”

PURO PURO EP is being released by BEING U and Sony Music and will be available on Being U Music’s YouTube Channel and all other streaming platforms.