Banita Sandhu: I didn't even know who Varun Dhawan is

Newbies entering Bollywood is nothing new. Infact there are many new comers launched.
Ace director Shoojit Sircar, who has given some amazing films in the past, has casted a fresh face who is 20-year-old Welsh Banita Sandhu, as she is set to make her Bollywood debut in April, with OCTOBER .
Banita is born and brought up in South Wales, at the age of 11, she made a decision that certainly broke the mould for her Asian parents. She decided she wanted to be an actress on her favourite soap 'Coronation Street'. Her parents supported her and she joined a local youth drama club in Cardiff, making her debut at just 11 in a BBC documentary. Following years of training and auditions, she convinced her family that a move to London was the only way to really push her career forward.
Banita Sandhu, who is still in her final year at King’s College University in London, first met the legendary director whilst shooting a TV commercial in India. It was during the filming of the commercial that director Shoojit Sircar decided that she was ‘the one’ to play the lead in his forthcoming film. It was a huge gamble, putting a young British girl who didn’t speak Hindi into an incredibly demanding and emotional role, alongside the hugely talented and successful co-star Varun Dhawan.
As Banita can’t speak hindi properly it was a huge challenge for her to do a hindi film. Infact Banita didn’t even know who Varun Dhawan was.
During the media interactions for the film OCTOBER, when asked Banita what made her sign the film and how is Bollywood treating her to which she replied, “I wanted to be an actor and when Shoojit Da saw me and deicded to go ahead I was thrilled, getting into Bollywood I think it was a dream moment. I had not watched a single film of Varun Dhawan. I didn’t even know who Varun Dhawan was?”
Talking about preparing for the film she adds, “There were a lot of challenges in this movie – the language, juggling University and there’s one HUGE challenge which I’m not allowed to speak about just yet. But, all in all, it was such a rewarding experience that any difficulties I faced never seemed too grave and I was supported by such an amazing team that they made any challenge 10 times easier than it should’ve been.”
On being quizzed what did she learn from Varun Dhawan, “When Shoojit da is on the sets, I don’t think there is any learning required, Shoojit Da was the ultimate. However Varun has been a very helpful co-star and a friend.”
Bandita Sandhu
Bandita Sandhu