BEDHADAK’s first song Damchak is power packed, inspiring and fearless!

BEDHADAK’s trailer which was launched few months back and was loved by all, the first song of the film Damchak was out which shows protagonist Girish Taware, is working hard and proving himself out as he wants to become a boxer and he strives hard to become one, despite being not good in academics he has his resilience, and his boxing skills at place.
The song is power packed, and will surely motivate one and all, who are striving hard to achieve and fight in life and get what they want on life.
The song is an attempt to remake the Eye of the Tiger track from ROCKY and this makes you want to hit the gym too.
Damchak inspires you to stand up and fight for yourself. The actor in the song does full justice to the song as he looked beefed up, looks like a wrester and its inspiring to see him work hard to achieve his dreams.
The song is crooned by Siddharth Mahadevan, he gave his magical touch Damchak. Locations in which the song has been shot is real.
The music and lyrics are penned by Pravin T. Bandkar while, Mandar Govind Taware is the Producer and is directed by is Santosh Manhrekar
The film is set to hit the screens on June 1, 2018.

Bedhadak Tu... Bedhadak Tu...
Dum Dakhav Dum ...Dum Dakhav Dum...

Petuni Uthalas Tu Ya Bhumi Varati
Usalnarya Ragatuni Hi Jwala Petali
Pudhe Tak He Paul Tu , Tudawit Ja Dongar Tu
Adwit Raha Prahar Tu...
Hou De Damchak... Hou De Damchak...

Katti - Batti Khelnara Manus Nahi Aapan,
Khelpatti Gajavnara Wagh Hoin Me Pan
Poladi Ha Bahupash Kadekapari Phoden
Fighter Houn Dhul Charen , Record Break Karen
Konpan Yeu De Vatela Ya Dakhav Tujhi Bhadak,
Shikharala Tu Dhadak Ani Ban Bedhadak

Vatewarache Udawin Khade, Eka Hati Shikvin Dhade,
Aata Majhi Zep Pudhe...
Jhelun Sankate Aata, Vishwas Ha Jinkanyacha,
Ambar Thengane Aata, Dharanihi Ambari Jata
Hou De Damchak... Hou De Damchak...

Bedhadak Tu... Bedhadak Tu...