BEGUM JAAN slashed with 12 cuts by CBFC, find out why

BEGUM JAAN slashed with 12 cuts by CBFC, find out why news
Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 30 Mar 2017 16:50:31.6970000 IST

Vidya Balan’s upcoming period saga BEGUM JAAN about a brothel on the border under threat of being demolished by the partition of India has been censored with “A’ certificate but slashed with 12 cuts.  Here are the objections raised by CBFC, obviously the makers are not happy.


A prolonged love making scene, a scene showing communal outburst on a bus are some of the examples where the CBFC has asked for cuts. The lovemaking scene has been reduced to half and the communal outburst is also reduced to minimum.

Reportedly, the CBFC found the pounding and thrusting in the Bengali director Srijit Mukherji film objectionable, arguing that the sex is used to show man’s superiority over women.

The CBFC has found excessive use of cuss words/abuses and asked them to be eliminated from the film.

Director Srijit Mukherji’s argument is that decent language cannot be expected from a character playing prostitutes and CBFC counter this argument with the example of Sharmila Tagore in the movie MAUSAM in which the veteran actress used the foul language just once in the film.