BEGUM JAAN Vidya's fierce avatar will send chills down your spine

BEGUM JAAN Vidya's fierce avatar will send chills down your spine news
Pooja Sharma By Pooja Sharma | 07 Apr 2017 12:17:12.0170000 IST

In Bollywood we have seen several films where the male actors have used colorful language but BEGUM JAAN is apparently the first film where you will be watching a female character mouth some of the crudest and dirtiest cuss words ever.

Yes without a doubt it’s Vidya Balan in and as BEGUM JAAN in the latest dialogue trailer of the film who is abusing men unabashedly and sending chills down their spine with her mere presence.

The actress is seen in a ferocious avatar in this new trailer and she is certainly the epitome of a fearless women. Credit should also be given to the dialogue writer of this film- Kausar Munir for penning the powerful dialogues that fits in so aptly.

Being sarcastic and witty are other things that comes naturally to Begum Jaan. This new trailer has certainly piqued our curiosity and we are waiting with bated breath for this film’s release on April 14.

During a promotional event of the film when asked about how difficult it was for Vidya to use these words on screen, the actress had replied in a jest that earlier she only used bad words in her mind but in this film she got to mouth them openly. Talking about the real reason behind keeping the language of this film so crude the actress said that there is kind of frustration these women of brothel always have and so they vent up their anger by using such abusive words.

Well that explains the thought process behind the characters in this film having a filthy mouth.

Watch BEGUM JAAN’s official dialogue trailer below: