Bengali band accuses Anu Malik of plagiarism

Anuj SawhneyNAINA, may not have made eye-balls roll, but the film has proved to be lucky for its hero Anuj Sawhney, whose career is on a roll, with some of the best assignments coming his way. To start with, Anuj has been signed by a major production house in Hollywood for one of its forthcoming projects, which is scheduled to go on the floor in September. Anuj, who was recently in London to discuss his dates for the film, will be seen playing the role of an anti-hero for the first time on screen. "I am expecting the film to be a major breakthrough in my career on the international front," says Anuj.

On the Hindi film front too, Anuj has been signed by three big banners, one of them Harmesh Malhotra, who is returning to film-making after a span of almost three years. "It is a big project but I cannot divulge details at the moment either of this film or the other two films. I have seen that there's many a slip between the cup and the lips and its best to talk about a film only after it is half way through," he smiles.

Right now, Anuj is eagerly looking forward to the release of his forthcoming film, THE POSTMAN AND THE PROSTITUTE, in which he admits to having shared a great on-screen chemistry with co-star, Sushmita Sen. According to Anuj, the two have become the best of friends, after the time they spent with each other in order to make the on-screen chemistry work on screen. Recalls Anuj, "I found Sush to be a very warm and cordial person from day one but both of us were playing unusual roles in the film so we decided to get acquainted to each other in order to get the chemistry right. We spent a lot of time on and off the sets and formed a personal bond in the process. That's the way theatre artistes also work and it makes a world of difference to their stage performances," Anuj reveals. Anuj adds that Sushmita has given an award-winning performance in the film in the role of 'Basanti', the prostitute. "She totally transformed herself into the character on the sets. We were both living our respective characters on the sets," he says.