Bholi Punjaban Richa Chaddha to pen a novel?

Bholi Punjaban Richa Chaddha to pen a novel? news
Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 23 Mar 2017 12:40:35.1730000 IST
Our Bholi Punjaban Richa Chaddha is not just a terrific actress but has some more hidden talents as well. According to a report in a leading daily the actress has decided to pen a book revolving around the topic of gender-based prejudice.


In the report a source was quoted saying, “After she wraps up the shoot of FUKREY RETURNS, Richa has some time to herself. This year, she is all set to debut as a writer with her first novel. The book is going to be focused on misogyny in India and has a humorous take on it. Richa, who is soon to do a live stand-up comedy act also, feels that through humour one can send across a great deal of message and create a lot of awareness amongst people.” 

“It emphasizes on the kind of things women have to do every day to pursue everything –from focusing on their career to fighting sexist prejudices. Her book will release in August this year, but Richa is already excited as she has got a publisher on board,” added the source.

Apparently the book will be set in Delhi, and its central character is a young woman who belongs to middle class family.

All the best Richa we are eagerly looking forward to read your book in near future.