Big B threatens to quit this micro-blogging site!

Social media these days is all about the number of followers you have but what happens when one day you have a decent(read enviable) number of followers and the next day it reduces significantly to one’s surprise? Well of course there’s something fishy.


And facing this problem is none other than Bollywood’s Shahenshah Amitabh Bachchan! With 32.9 million followers the actor is the most followed stars of B-town but due to the sudden reduction in the number of his followers now SRK has become the most followed actor in Bollywood.


Grousing about the reduction in the number of his followers Big B took to the micro-blogging site and accusing the site he wrote, “TWITTER ..!!!?? you reduced my number of followers .. !!??HAHAHAHAHAHAHA .. !! thats a joke .. time to get off from you .. thank you for the ride .. .. there are many 'other' fish in the sea - and a lot more exciting !!”


You can read his post below:

Though the actor wrote that in jest but according to a report in Hindustan Times this happened when US started investigating shadowy agencies that sell fake followers. Many prominent personalities lost a significant number of followers when Twitter announced that it will investigate in the artificial engagement offered by fake companies.

Don’t worry Mr. Bachchan, you just keep posting interesting things about your life (which you already do) and the number of your followers will increase again.