Bikini body secret revealed by Adah Sharma

Today on mallakhambh day Adah released a video where she is seen doing shavasana mid air! One needs to have some solid core strength to be able to balance with such ease. Commando girl Adah Sharma is currently making her place on Instagram. She's very hot and super cute and very creative! Apart from being a decent actress from 1920 to COMMANDO 2 her followers seem to love watching her fitness and dance regime.


The actress recently set Instagram on fire when the pictures of her magazine cover photoshoot released. Her bikini pictures weren't just hot but also showed her immense flexibility. She is seen dangerously hanging off the ropes of a ship in one of the pics.


Adah would soon be seen in COMMANDO 3! Adah will also be seen making her Tamil debut in CHARLIE CHAPLIN 2 opposite Prabhu Deva and in English and Hindi film Soulmate where she plays a double role.


Her instagram post reads: adah_ki_adahTag someone who should start sleeping like this... You have all been asking me how I got the bikini body ... So here ... All you have to do is sleep like this (all night ????) and 8 pack abs free free free ! On a serious note balancing on the rope calls for a lot of stability and core strength


Adah Sharma flaunts her bikini pictures.

Adah Sharma magazine cover photoshoot.