Bipasha accused of being unprofessional. Here's what she has to say on it

Bipasha accused of being unprofessional. Here's what she has to say on it news
Pooja Sharma By Pooja Sharma | 07 Mar 2017 13:21:48.7270000 IST

Bipasha Basu was supposed to walk the ramp as a showstopper for the India Pakistan London Fashion Show. But according to the latest reports Bipasha Basu just hours before the show flatly refused to fulfill her commitments.

Allegedly Bipasha threw tantrums just after landing in London and made some unreasonable demands. But even after her demands being fulfilled the actress flatly refused to step out of her room at the hotel and left everyone high and dry.

A leading newspaper reported that Ronita Sharma Rekhi, who was the official talent scout of the show, responsible for bringing the Indian actress to London has given ultimatum to the actress to respond within 48 hours on the loss of 7,800 pounds faced by them due to her.

However the actress took to a micro-blogging site to present her side of the story as she wrote:

Even Bipasha’s spokesperson was quoted saying in the leading newspaper as, “The organizers didn’t honour their commitment as promised, and Bipasha had to book her own hotel stay. It was completely unprofessional on their part.”

With both the parties passing the buck to each other for being unprofessional now only time will tell who is actually at fault and if Bipasha was being unprofessional or was she the victim in this incident.

Watch this space for more.