Bipasha Basu's new fitness mantra 'Love Yourself'

Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 06 Feb 2010 11:47:57.7130000 IST



There are people who are exceptionally dazzling and then there are those few who are a goddess in the truest sense of sheer beauty. Ms. Bipasha Basu is very much a part of the latter and an individual entity from the glamorous industry of Bollywood. Right from the moment she scorched the ramp to having marveled the world with her on-screen charisma and now as she dons the role of a entrepreneur she has done it all with much poise and dignity.

Fitness and glamour are words which can rightfully be associated only with the brand persona Ms. Bipasha Basu. A firm believer of a provoking thought that one must heal themselves before healing others is now on this very day venturing on path which very few have carved and graced. With the advent of her brand BB - Love Yourself she introduces the world with a concept which is absolutely unique and one of its kind. With this initiative Ms. Basu becomes the first Indian celebrity to induce such an idea in the country which only global personalities such as Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce have managed.

BB - Love Yourself - A brand which is Ms. Basu's brainchild is based on the core idea and motive of being strong, healthy and loving yourself. It all starts with our body, which we so often neglect amidst the stress of everyday life. Whatever you experience at the physical level transcends to your mind, soul and spirit. Keeping in mind that Fitness is Ms. Basu's forte the brand under its name launches its first initiative - a DVD titled 'Fit and Fabulous You' jointly produced and released by Shemaroo Entertainment.

Bipasha Basu shares her thoughts, "Be strong and healthy, love yourself. Make time for your own self. looking good is an extra bonus. If your health is good, every aspect of your life is fantastic! Your focus in life is better; you achieve your goals faster. Exercising and eating right is a big challenge. But we have to accept this challenge, if we love ourselves!"

Adds Hiren Gada, Director, Shemaroo Entertainment, "We are delighted to add this exclusive workout DVD in our catalogue. A celebrity like Bipasha Basu, genuinely believes in staying healthy. She is also passionate about fitness. It's great to have her - share and demonstrate this secret - to audiences through this specially designed workout DVD. Moreover, in today's world of stressful and sedentary lifestyles, this daily dose of doable workout regime is a necessity."

Adds Mr P R Joshi - President Group HR and Corporate Communications, Zydus Cadila : Sugar Free is being already endorsed by Miss Bipasha Basu and so it was quite logical to be part of this initiative of hers. Sugar Free and Bipasha have a perfect brand fit in terms of brand and celebrity personality. Like Bipasha, the brand believes in 'Love yourself' as a philosophy and would want people to start taking themselves and their fitness seriously.