BJP dumps Shatrughan Sinha for Bihar elections

View Raveena, Shabana at Fashion Show Picture GalleryThe versatile Shabana Azmi has completed another international assignment, "Bangla Town Banquet", in which she plays a London- based Bangladeshi woman who interacts with plants and ghosts.

Shabana told IANS: "'Bangla Town Banquet' is written by Tanika Gupta who wrote the play 'Waiting Room' which I performed at the National Theatre in London and was directed by a r-e-a-l-l-y bright and talented woman Hettie Macdonald.

"I am the film's protagonist. I play a Bangladeshi woman, Sufiya, living in East London who has two sons. Priya Kalidas of 'Bombay Dreams' plays my daughter. I play a strange kind of woman with a fetish for growing kaddoo in my small balcony."

"My character talks to and screams at her plants. Very quirky kind of character. Then her husband brings home a second wife, a woman who is younger than our daughter. The daughter is hopping mad. But Sufiya is calm. On a day trip with two friends she discovers the courage to walk out of the bad marriage."

It sounds like all those deserted-wife neo-classics like "Arth" and "Yeh Kaisa Insaaf" she did in Bollywood 25 years ago.

"Not at all! It's not so much a film on marital issues as a buddy film about female bonding. What's lovely is that my character interacts with a ghost who comes and moves my character's soul in unexpected ways."

She stops and sighs, "I'm very happy with this film."