Bollywood Box Office Report Of The Week: 23rd Nov 2018

S Abid By S Abid | 23 Nov 2018 10:11:51 IST
he prominent new release of the week is Sunny Deol’s BHAIAJI SUPERHIT and may just surprise at the box-office because of its crisp promos and cheeky dialogues and not to forget Sunny Deol in his loveable larger-than-life action avatar as well as a tinge of humour.
Last Friday’s releases, Kunaal Roy Kapur’s HOTEL MILAN, RSVP and Roy Kapur Films’ PIHU and Crossword Entertainment Pvt. Ltd’s MOHALLA ASSI have all faced outright rejection despite the non-performance of THUGS OF HINDOSTAN.
Coming to Diwali release, the Amitabh, Aamir, Katrina and Sana starrer, YRF’s THUGS OF HINDOSTAN, after a record first day the film crashed uncontrollably collecting  13 crore from Bombay (collections from other cinemas unrecieved), 2.25 crore from Ahmedabad, 1.25 crore from Surat, 42.75 lakhs from Baroda, 35 lakhs from Rajkot, 1.75 crore from Pune, 34.50 lakhs from Nasik, 29 lakhs from Goa,  8.50 lakhs from Belgaum, 4.75 crore from Delhi city, 1 crore from Noida,  1.25 crore  from Ghaziabad,86.75 lakhs from Kanpur, 1.50 crore from Lucknow, 74.25 lakhs from Agra, 43.50 lakhs from Allahabad, 18.50 lakhs from Aligarh,35.50 lakhs from Dehradun, 1.25 crore from Gurgaon,50.50 lakhs from Faridabad, 6 lakhs from Kurukshetra, 13.50 lakhs from Panipat,  30.75 lakhs from Chandigarh, 20 lakhs from Jalandhar, 7.50 lakhs from Patiala,  20 lakhs from Amritsar, 30 lakhs from Ludhiana, 11.55 lakhs from Bhatinda,  5 lakhs from Ambala, 13.75 lakhs from Jammu, 1.85 crore  from Calcutta,20.50 lakhs from Siliguri, 20.50 lakhs from Patna, 11 lakhs from Dhanbad, 20 lakhs from Ranchi, 17 lakhs from Bhubaneshwar, 21.50 lakhs from Guwahati,  10.75 lakhs from Muzaffarpur, 45 lakhs from Nagpur,  48 lakhs from Raipur, 60 lakhs from Indore, 35 lakhs from Gwalior(collections from 4 cinemas unrecieved), 40 lakhs from Bhopal(collections from 3 cinemas unrecieved),  2.25 crore  from Jaipur , 31.50 lakhs from Jodhpur, 23.50 lakhs from Ajmer, 9.75 lakhs from Bikaner, 30 lakhs from Kota, 26.75 lakhs from Udaipur, 1.25 crore from Hyderabad, 30 lakhs from Aurangabad,  1.75 crore  from Bangalore,8.50 lakhs from Mangalore,  8.50 lakhs from Mysore, 5 lakhs from Vijayawada, 9 lakhs from Visakhapatnam, 17.50 lakhs from Madras and 8 lakhs from Kochi. Netting nearly 140 crore (Hindi 135 crore & dubbed 5 crore) during the extended opening week (8-days), THUGS OF HINDOSTAN is a box-office debacle, though the producers & world wide distributors YRF may just scrape through due to revenues from non-theatrical rights. THUGS OF HINDOSTAN has also disappointed in the overseas grossing $8.70m with  £680,000 from UK and $2,000,000 (approx.) from the US, till the second weekend (16-18 November).
Meanwhile, Saif Ali Khan’s business crime drama, BAAZAAR, did profit a bit due to the failure of THUGS OF HINDOSTAN  and got a few more shows in the multiplexes from mid-week when the number of shows of TOH were reduced owing to lack of audiences. Adding another  2 crore BAAZAAR has netted 25 crore in three weeks from India and it is a fair result for Saif’s beleaguered career.
 Checking out the  Dussehra release,  Junglee Pictures Ayushmann, Sanya and Nina Gupta  starrer, BADHAAI HO, the film benefitted from the debacle of THUGS OF HINDOSTAN as it collected  1.50 crore from Bombay (collections from other cinemas unrecieved), 44.50 lakhs from Ahmedabad, 20.75 lakhs from Surat,14.25 lakhs from Baroda, 6.25 lakhs from Rajkot, 61.25 lakhs from Pune, 4.25 lakhs from Nasik, 3.75 lakhs from Goa, 1.50 crore from Delhi city, 45 lakhs from Noida, 25 lakhs  from Ghaziabad, 11.75 lakhs from Kanpur, 22 lakhs from Lucknow,5.50 lakhs from Agra, 4.25 lakhs from Allahabad, 1.50 lakhs from Aligarh, 10 lakhs from Dehradun, 35 lakhs from Gurgaon, 13.50 lakhs from Faridabad, 2.25 lakhs from Panipat, 30.75 lakhs from Chandigarh, 5.25 lakhs from Jalandhar,  2.75 lakhs from Patiala,5.25 lakhs from Amritsar, 8.50 lakhs from Ludhiana, 1.25 lakhs from Bhatinda,  1.55 lakhs from Ambala, 1.50 lakhs from Jammu, 35 lakhs from Calcutta,3 lakhs from Siliguri, 4lakhs from Patna, 2.50 lakhs from Dhanbad, 4 lakhs from Ranchi,3 lakhs from Bhubaneshwar,2.50 lakhs from Guwahati,  2 lakhs from Muzaffarpur, 13 lakhs from Nagpur,  11.75 lakhs from Raipur, 40 lakhs from Indore, 15 lakhs from Gwalior, 25 lakhs from Bhopal, 30 lakhs  from Jaipur,  5.50 lakhs from Jodhpur, 2.25 lakhs from Ajmer,  5.50lakhs from Kota,6.50 lakhs from Udaipur, 20 lakhs from Hyderabad, 3.50 lakhs from Aurangabad,  50 lakhs  from Bangalore,1.50 lakhs from Mangalore and  1.50 lakhs from Kochi. Adding another 11 crore,, BADHAAI HO has netted 119 crore in four weeks from India and may just end up as a blockbuster hit! BADHAAI HO is an overseas super hit grossing $6.50m with £315,000 from UK and $3,000,000 from the US.
Concluding with  Sriram Raghavan’s Ayushmann, Tabu and Radhika starrer, ANDHADHUN, the film  reaped  benefits  from the non-performance of TOH and managed respectable collections. With another 2.50 crore, ANDHADHUN has netted 71 crore in six weeks from India and is a hit plus. ANDHADHUN is also a good overseas success grossing well over $2m with £118,000 from UK and $1,100,000 from the US.