Bollywood Box Office Report Of The Week: 31th July 2018

S Abid By S Abid | 31 Jul 2018 00:00:00 IST

The coming Friday will witness the release of the Dharma Production’s Shashank Khaitan directed Ishaan Khatter and Janhvi Kapur starrer DHADAK, as well as the Hollywood venture SKYSCRAPER. Needless to add that DHADAK is carrying a good hype and buzz and should score at the box-office, as opposed to the Hollywood venture.


Meanwhile Sony Pictures Networks’ Diljit, Taapsee and Angad starrer SOORMA saw a decent opening weekend netting 13.50 crore and is holding reasonably during the weekdays too and so the film should end a up as a moderate success.


Concluding with Rajkumar Hirani’s Ranbir-Anushka starrer, SANJU, the film managed another good week  collecting 10 crore from Bombay (collections from other cinemas unrecieved), 3 crore from Ahmedabad, 1.25 crore from Surat, 67.50 lakhs from Baroda, 33 lakhs from Rajkot, 2.85 crore from Pune, 47.25 lakhs from Nasik, 45.50 lakhs from Goa, 11 lakhs from Belgaum, 9 crore from Delhi city, 2.15 crore from Noida, 1.85 crore from Ghaziabad, 84.25 lakhs from Kanpur, 1.85 crore from Lucknow, 60 lakhs from Agra, 31.15 lakhs from Allahabad, 15 lakhs from Aligarh, 60.50 lakhs from Dehradun, 2.50 crore from Gurgaon, 82.55 lakhs from Faridabad, 9.50 lakhs from Kurukshetra, 18.50 lakhs from Panipat, 52 lakhs from Chandigarh, 41.50 lakhs from Jalandhar, 16.50 lakhs from Patiala, 43.25 lakhs from Amritsar, 56 lakhs from Ludhiana, 13 lakhs from Bhatinda, 7 lakhs from Ambala, 16.75 lakhs from Jammu, 2.75 crore from Calcutta, 8 lakhs from Darjeeling, 31.75 lakhs from Siliguri, 35.25 lakhs from Patna, 15.50 lakhs from Dhanbad, 32.55 lakhs from Ranchi, 21.75 lakhs from Bhubaneshwar, 40 lakhs from Guwahati, 12.25 lakhs from Muzaffarpur, 1 crore from Nagpur, 62.50 lakhs from Raipur, 1.25 crore from Indore, 30 lakhs from Gwalior (collections from 2 cinemas unrecieved), 75 lakhs from Bhopal (collections from 4 cinemas unrecieved), 2 crore from Jaipur (collections from 2 cinemas unrecieved), 40 lakhs from Jodhpur, 25 lakhs from Ajmer, 10 lakhs from Bikaner, 35.75 lakhs from Kota, 43 lakhs from Udaipur, 1.50 crore from Hyderabad, 35 lakhs from Aurangabad, 3. 50 crore from Bangalore, 20 lakhs from Mangalore, 16.25 lakhs from Mysore, 12 lakhs from Visakhapatnam , 18.75 lakhs from Madras and 13.25 lakhs from Kochi. Adding another 90 crore, SANJU has netted 290 crore in two weeks from India and is a blockbuster hit. The Vidhu Vinod Chopra Productions and Rajkumar Hirani Films’ SANJU is also on a great (superb in US) overseas run grossing in excess of 19m with £1,570,000 from UK and 7,150,000 from the US, till the third weekend (13-15 July).