Producer-Director: J.P.Dutta
Music: Anu Malik
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar

Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgan, Saif Ali Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Akshaye Khanna, Manoj Bajpai, Ashutosh Rana, Sanjay Kapoor, Bikram Saluja, Himanshu Malik, Karan Nath, Amarr Upadhyay, Kareena Kapoor, Esha Deol, Rani Mukherjee, Mahima Chowdhary, Raveena Tandon.

In a clear attempt, Dutta has successfully - and deservingly - cashed in on the success of his earlier 'Border' by making another film on the Indian Army, this time with a very life-like story of the Kargil conflict of 1999 when about 500 Indian soldiers were killed and the film is comparable to war films from Hollywood. Extensive research went into the making of this four-hour film. The array of stars have been picked clearly to draw the crowds to a story that has little space for romance and song, but most of them manage to live their roles to depict some real life incidents from the conflict. Ajay, Saif, Abhishek and Manoj outshine the others. Dutta - who earlier made films like 'Khsatriya', 'Refugee', 'Ghulami' and 'Yateem' besides 'Border' - has taken care to give equal importance to his cast and even the depiction of the deaths is done in a heart-rending manner. Even technically, the filmmaker proves that the best in the world can be produced here. O. P. Dutta's dialogues and Bhiku Verma's action with Karim Khatri's cinematography have lent a rare punch to the film. Background score by Aadesh Srivastava is appropriate and some songs like the 12-minute 'Seemayen bulayen tujhe siphaee' stand out.

The film has no straight running story, and is the compilation of various deeds of bravery by the Indian Jawans on the high peaks when they were taken by surprise by men of the Pakistan Army. For those who only read about the Kargil war in newspapers, the events unfolding on the screen come as a brutal reminder of the horrors of war and the pain of death. The film tells the tale of real life heroes like Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari, Major Deepak Rampal, Capt Anuj Nayyar, Lt Balwan Singh, Rifleman Sanjay Kumar, Lt Col Y.K. Joshi, Lt Vijayant Thapar, Major Padmapani Achayra, Lt Manoj Kumar Pandey, Grenadier Yogendra Singh Yadav, Col. Y. K. Joe and Capt. Vikram Batra who fought bravely for their country. It shows the soldiers are prepared to stay even without food, as long as they have the armoury to defeat the enemy. But they do not lose their humanity like the enemy, and will not leave the body of a martyr or injured soldiers anywhere near the enemy - often risking their lives to rescue them. Even the enemy soldiers are given decent burials.