Bollywood Gyaan: The beginning of <i>'Chumma'</i> in Bollywood!

Bollywood Gyaan: The beginning of 'Chumma' in Bollywood! news
Mansoor Khan By Mansoor Khan | 31 Aug 2013 13:16:24.2000000 IST

Jumma chumma de de...

Screamed Amitabh Bachchan openly as he smooched the sexy Kimi Katkar to the delight of the cine goer in the 90's hit movie HUM.

Flashback into the 60's and we had the passionate Raaj Kumar urging his beloved Meena Kumari Choo lene do nazuk hotoon ko... to quench his yearn for a kiss!

The two above contrasting songs thus give a peek into the gradual change that the kiss scenes have undergone over the years in Hindi cinema. Today a kiss has become an integral part of Bollywood.

However readers would be rather surprised to know that like today kissing scenes in the silent movies of the 20's and 30' were not taboo. According to film historians the first kiss to appear in Bollywood was in the film A THROW OF DICE (1929) between Seeta Devi and Charu Roy. The second most popular scene was seen in the movie KARMA (1933) between Devika Rani and her husband Himanshu Roy. Some other popular kiss scenes of that era are from PATI BHAKTI (1922) Lalita Pawar, the famous vamp who played the mother-in- law in the movies of the 60's kissing her hero and ZARINA (1932).

However with the introduction of the Cinematograph Act 1952, kissing became a sore eye in the movies.