Bollywood movies that beautifully taught us the art of Forgiveness

Mahatma Gandhi once said “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” Lord Mahavira also said in Uttaradhyayana that, “By begging forgiveness, happiness of mind is obtained and there is a kind disposition towards all kinds of living beings; by this kind disposition, one obtains purity of character and freedom from fear.” Well how true is that!!

In the event of life we are so carried away and/or drawn towards the momentary feelings, situations, circumstances and in the illusion of misinterpretation, we tend to forget the value of forgiveness. While we always attribute it to spirituality and tend to ignore in the real world, but the irony the concept of compassion is inseparable from our lives. Even Bollywood movies, despite all the glory & gory, eventually has this underlying message that forgiveness is the only way for a peaceful & happy life and it is only through this attitude one can resolve the complexities of life.

The lately released Anurag Kashyap’s coming-of-age take on relationships, MANMARZIYAAN, featuring Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal and Abhishek Bachchan, where on end explores other kinds of violence, like the sort of verbal and emotional wounds dealt to each other by young people in love, on the other hand it also looks at the healing power of forgiveness. With that, on the auspicious occasion of called Paryushan Parv (a festival celebrated by Jains in which they eventually seek forgiveness & also forgive to whom they have caused offence either with their thoughts, words or deeds, through ‘Michhami Dukkadam’), we take a look at some of the Bollywood movies which had the undercurrent of the power of forgiveness directly or indirectly.

DIL CHAHTA HAI: Three close friends or friends for life are separated after college due to their different approaches towards relationships. Akash goes to Australia, Sameer gets busy wooing a girl and Siddharth devotes himself to art and falls for an older woman. However, years later they patch up and understand better than the best now. Despite differences, the BFFs don’t hesitate to patch their strong bond of friendship. Indeed DCH reminds us that no person is wrong, no time bad and no opportunity wasted when you learn to believe in the goodness of life.

DOR: Nagesh Kukunoor’s DOR was the perfect embodiment of forgiveness. It showed us how to foget and forgive. After having her trust shattered, Meera (played by Ayesha Takia) had every reason to angrily turn away from Zeenat’s (Gul Panag) plight. And she did, but only momentarily. Her natural desire for revenge soon gave way to selflessness and compassion. She chose to be the bigger person and let go. She refused to believe that Zeenat fooled her or faked their friendship only for her selfish mission. When Meera rushed barefoot to the railway station like her life depended on it, only to help a crestfallen Zeenat.

ROCK ON: Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Prachi Desai starrer ROCK ON was film about four musician friends fail to make it big as a band due to a misunderstanding. Years later, they reignite their dream by forgetting their woes and embark on a journey they had left incomplete. The film taught the values of friendship, how misunderstanding can create differences for years and how one should sit and resolve rather avoiding it out of the ego issues. The film also highlighted how one should forget the past, reunite and make a new beginning.

RAANJHANAA: Apart from highlight the true love & sentiments, this film is a perfect epitome for atonement of sins and seeking for being pardoned. Dhanush’s character, who out of enragement as Sonam lies him about her marriage with a Muslim guy Abhay Deol (who is actually a Hindu), reveals the truth to Sonam’s family and in turn her family badly bashes Abhay, while Sonam attempts suicide. As Dhanush realises this, he sacrifices his love and tries to redeem himself by taking her to her lover’s village, although he is devastated to discover that the injured Abhay has succumbed to death, finally understanding that his one-sided love has resulted in an innocent man's death. Dhanush becomes a homeless vagrant and begins visiting various religious places and volunteering in their activities so that he can atone for his sins. During one such visit, a man advises him to do the right thing rather than run away from his sins.

UMRAO JAAN (new):Throughout the film we see Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s character being the compassionate one, who despite going through mental trauma at every stage and in every relationship. In one of the classic scenes from the film, Umrao Jaan on her way out to the encounters Dilawar Khan, the man who kidnapped her and sold her to the brothel when she was a child city. Poor, wretched, homeless and injured, the man begs her for money, not recognising who she is; she gives him her gold bangles and prays to God for his forgiveness. While Umrao Jaan is known for her beauty and her saddened life, despite being a courtesan she harbours a heart of gold, who can forgive & forget the biggest evil of her life.

BACHNA AE HASEENO: As much as Ranbir Kapoor charmed with his Casanova image in BACHNA AE HASEENO, he also won the hearts when he sought for forgiveness for hurting the sentiments of his so-called girlfriends in the film. Ranbir goes all out, travels all the way from foreign to homeland to mend ways with his exes and beg for forgiveness, in which he even dilutes his ego for the sake of getting pardoned.

DILWALE:Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol starrer DILWALE was another classic example where indirectly we learnt that how a small miscommunication and misunderstanding created a long rift between the two lovers. Also, when Kajol realises how she cheated and fooled around her true love SRK, she goes all the way to seek forgiveness and changes into a beautiful person.

MUNNABHAI M.B.B.S and LAGE RAHO MUNNABHAI: While Munna Bhai’s ‘Jaadu ki Jhappi’ did wonders in the first part and treated as the best way to win over hearts and let go off the bygones, Gandhigiri became the coolest thing after LAGE RAHO MUNNABHAI The term Gandhigiri became so famous that people started handing over red roses to every corrupt official, so that they could realise that they were wrong in demanding bribe or not delivering their duties on time. In fact people became more forgiving in nature as the film popularised Gandhigiri amongst the audiences