Bollywood music trade cheers A.R. Rahman's return

The loss of the colossal legend marks the end of an era. The renowned writer, journalist, lyricist, director and Urdu Poet Rahi Bharati was a true Legend who at 71, died of cardiac arrest in Italy. People come and people go, but their memories linger on. They become immortal by way of the contributions they make in their field, which never loses its luster. The late Rahi Bharati after passing through the long and arduous journey in the film industry in the field of writing, direction and Urdu literature had to finally make his last journey, leaving the reel and real world for his final destination.

He was part of the film industry and did an editing and direction course from the Pune Film Institute and was incidentally the top in the first batch of students of the Institute at the time; he was interviewed by Gajanan Jagirdar. His ideal was Guru Dutt whom he got the opportunity to assist and infact he started his film career as an assistant to the late Guru Dutt whom he called his real 'guru' and was with him right up to "Sahib, Bibi Aur Ghulam", "Pyaasa" and "Kagaz Ke Phool" which also marked the end of another legend of that era. The late Rahi Bharati who rightly belonged to the realm of Sa'adat Hasan Minto, Ismat Chughtai was endowed with tremendous intelligence and talent and wrote many award-winning novels and has left a vacuum in the field of writing. He was a living encyclopedia of the Indian film industry and had seen the various transitions within the industry for the last five decades.

The late Rahi Bharati has done a lot of work in the film industry, imparted a lot to Urdu literature and left his deep impressions on the sands of time. He was a well-known name in the field of Urdu as the best short story writer as well as novelist. His best classic was "Mishal-E-Azamo-Yakeen" and "Jahan Aurat Bikti Hai" which was applauded immensely. He has received many an award for his various achievements. He was obsessed with cinema and his only passion was writing. He has also written for Times of India, Illustrated Weekly, Indian Express and many other dailies and weeklies not forgetting that all the Urdu monthly, weekly magazines like "Shama", "Filmi Sitarey", "Gulfaam", and "Beeswin Sadi" were proud to feature his film articles or stories in their magazines. He was a very talented person who had an in-depth knowledge about the life stories of artistes of yesteryears starting with his guru and all the well-known performers and directors of his era. A book incorporating all his stories called "Deep Shikha" is soon to be released.

A year back he started his own English magazine "Star n Movies" and the highlight of this magazine was that every edition carried an in-depth feature of a famous artist of yesteryears covering artistes like Madhubala, Mukesh, Kanan Bala, Begum Para, Johnny Walker, Nimmi, Dada Muni (Ashok Kumar), K.N.Singh, Dev Anand, Talat Mehmood and many more.

Rahi BharatiHe had directed many films in the past because direction too was yet another passion like writing. He was all set to direct two films namely "Kaal Ratra", and "Ek Raat Achanak". Five songs of one of his films with lyrics penned by him have already been recorded. Although the film might not see the light of day; although the script and screenplay is already complete, his audiocassettes with mind-blowing lyrics will certainly be released.

Film Industry has once again lost a gem, a precious jewel that can never be replaced. The opening lines of the last article he had written were 'Suraj Hoon Zindagi Ki Ramakh Chod Jaoonga, Mein Doob Bhi Gaya To Shafaq Chod Jaoonga' which is applicable to him today.

He departed for his eternal journey leaving behind golden memories and silver tears.

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