Bollywood stars do some serious writing

The South African model who was allegedly raped by two men in Mumbai last year as she sought fame in Bollywood claims she is now dating a "top Bollywood actor" but won't name him.

Reshma Khan, as she has been dubbed by the media which cannot name her because of the rape trial, also claimed in her first interview to the South Africa media that she had been approached for a role by top director Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Khan has consistently refused to talk to the media here after returning home following the alleged rape in December.

She said she would disclose the identity of her "famous Bollywood star" beau and herself after the trial. "The relationship is very new. He's handsome and very good to me. We met through mutual friends," Khan said.

Having vowed to return to Mumbai to see justice done, Khan was in the city earlier this month when the second accused, Sunil Morpani, was granted bail. His co-accused, Suresh Krishnani, had been granted bail in February.

Both men have been charged with spiking Khan's drink and then raping her at a Mumbai hotel in December last year.

Khan said she was determined to remain in India for the trial despite threats to her safety that have seen her hire two bodyguards to accompany her in public.

Khan also told the weekly Tribune Herald here that the two accused had been trying to get her to drop the charges, but she was determined to see the case through.

The model who went to Mumbai to get into the movie industry said she had been approached by top filmmaker Bhansali, who has made such award-winning films as "Devdas" and "Black".

Khan said Bhansali was keen on signing her up for a movie role, but Indian film critics here were sceptical of this claim.

"Other producers have also contacted me and I will start working again soon, Khan told the Tribune Herald.