5 iconic Bollywood super villains that still infuriate us

There’s a certain charm that tags along with every villain we’ve seen so far on the silver screen. So much of their badass mannerism that thrills us more than that of a protagonist’s heroism. Each iconic villain so far has given us numerous memorable dialogues or statements which we can’t skip out of our heads, come what may!

Owing to its precedents popularity, Amazon Prime Original Series is arriving with a fresh set gangster drama ‘Mirzapur’ that is sure to add another impressive anti-hero/villain/ to our list. But hold! Let’s quickly take a trip down the memory lane reminiscing about the supervillains of all time across the palette of Indian cinema so far-

While we already have quite an intimidating villain segment available for us to binge watch, Amazon Prime’s Original Series, Mirzapur, is giving us another reason to look forward to ‘Kaleen Bhaiya’ this season. He is shrewd and has potential to top the charts to become one of the most legendary villains amongst others.

Ranvir Singh has floored us with his phenomenal portrayal of ‘Alauddin Khilji’ in PADMAAVAT and nothing can take his chance to stand upright on the list of the great villains.

Yes, Kancha a.k.a. Danny Denzongpa from 1990’s AGNEEPATH had already set a benchmark but we certainly can’t compare Sanjay Dutt’s version of gruesome ‘Kancha’ from 2012’s remake.

How can we not count Amjad Khan for his fantastic on-screen avatar ‘Gabbar’ from the cult classic of all time, SHOLAY.

Remember the uber cool Amrish Puri from MR. INDIA and his much-loved statement-‘Mogambo khush hua!’ I’m sure we still can’t get over it!